In the struggle with fears. History of Four: as you are successful?

Have a car, and there should be two, there is a child and should be three, there is an apartment, should be greater than or house, instead of hired labor time to acquire the business. And if not everything turned out: the relationship has not yet been built, no children, work is not very flat and removable? To hide from the people, in fear that they will know that you are a loser?

A lot of time and effort is spent to achieve these criteria, and when they appear in life, a sense of happiness does not come. It comes a sense of frustration and the feeling that we had been deceived. It turns out, we had a very different about what we dream about, but it has remained unrealized.

In the struggle with fears. History of Four: as you are successful?

When I went to study dance after 30, I was awkward, and uncomfortable. What is the dance, how to behave with partners like to ask a question, if it is not clear what to do if you do not have time.

I was upset, I was ready to run away, I sweated my hands, I felt silly for all errors and apologetic tone said: "Thank you for the dance".

This is a great experience, which reveals all your weak and sore spots. In some moments I thought - do you even come here to hell, if not, if you're heavy, cast and loans in which you successful. And I come again. Why?

Because I realized that there was no case to anyone of my dancing. In addition to my own. Because I - not a small child, which should be encouraged, or forced, or a teenager who needs approval peers.

Because I - an adult, and chose this occupation on their own. I'm not accountable to anyone for the results, and my success is determined only by their own changes.

Each time, going to the gym, I do work above itself - forced herself to get to the hall, and then the magic begins: all the fatigue, headache, problems disappeared, and I wanted to dance, dance and dance.

It is important to pass the stage of failure and self-doubt, that all is hopeless. Things change over time. buzz appears.

In the struggle with fears. History of Four: as you are successful?

It's great when you hear the music and know how to move under it, come to the party and feel like dancing body itself, to enjoy it, to merge with the rhythm of the song. World extends both inside and outside.

You will know new people. You will know what events are happening in your town. Do you want to learn a couple of dance styles. You change your wardrobe. You feel the power and possibilities of the body. You learn to trust your partner. You learn to be relaxed and happy.

Are you scared to start something new? Do you say to yourself: I am for that old, weak, or I do not have the time, energy and money? What is behind these excuses? Fear.

In the struggle with fears. History of Four: as you are successful?

Fear appear in an unfavorable light. Make a mistake, stumble, not make it. Fear of looking ridiculous and stupid. Do not handle, to show their imperfections and incompetence. Nothing to achieve. Stay unnoticed, do not get approval. Feel worthless, trampled, lowered ... This fear stems from our childhood. Grow up, do not compare yourself with others. Choose your pace and move to a dream at the speed with which you can handle. People are selfish, they do not care about you, and to your hobbies. Do not waste time trying to think what they think about you.

Adulthood - the perfect time to do what you wanted. To consciously, enjoying and understanding that failure - only a part of the learning process, to engage and to develop new areas of life.

Nobody stands behind his back and does not require you results, do not make what you do not like. You yourself are now making decisions! And you decide what makes you happy. This is a success!

To be continued …