How to learn to constantly stay in a positive state?

Hobbies 1.

Devote more time to his hobby. What really is inside of you joyful emotions and brings pleasure, no matter what. Perhaps you baldeet of playing a musical instrument, or when drawing, knitting, exercise, cook meals, take pictures or create some crafts. In this case, you will not regret the time spent, or fatigue, and will automatically receive satisfaction.

How to learn to constantly stay in a positive state?

2. Meditation

Recent research by American psychologist Barbara Fredrickson and her colleagues found that people set aside time every day to meditate, feel much more positive emotions than those who refuse to do so.

For example, after three months and the end of the experiment conducted by people who meditated every day, continued to show the best results of stress were confident and build further the goals and plans for life, as they were reduced disease symptoms.

How to learn to constantly stay in a positive state?

3. Record

Here we are talking about how to record your daily positive experience for the day. Sign a separate notebook or notebook where you mark all the events that have caused you in the past day positive emotions.

Experience has shown that people who have used it in practice, have become less to go to a clinic and get sick, and they have become markedly significant improvement in mood. Just think: improving the health status only after you write down the positive things that happened to you during the day!

How to learn to constantly stay in a positive state?

4. The game

We can plan a business reception, conference, some weekly events, and other important events. Why not schedule time to play?

Think about it, when in the coming days, weeks, months or years you have paid at least an hour of their time to just play ?! Do not relax with friends at the bar or go to the movies, and play it?

Decide now to allow himself to smile while playing for no reason, and enjoy the benefits of positive emotions. Include in your schedule a week's time for the games and pay them enough time. And remember that it is in the process of the game you get the greatest amount of easily digestible useful skills. Leave time in your schedule for the downtrodden in order to stay a little child.

How to learn to constantly stay in a positive state?

The causal connection of happiness and success

I think no one doubts that happiness will be the result of any achievements. Win a victory in the game or getting a better post big earnings, long-awaited meeting with someone you love - these are the things that bring joy, happiness and satisfaction in life.

But most of us assume that happiness always followed by success. That is no achievement and personal happiness is impossible ... Think how often you thought lately about myself or aloud: "If I had ..., I'd be happy." Or such an option: "Once I reach ... I'll be perfectly happy with themselves and do ..."

Admit to yourself that you are do are guilty of that put off their happiness for later. Until then, until you reach the desired result in the some purpose.

How to learn to constantly stay in a positive state?

But the theory Fredrickson "broaden and build" proves that it is a state of happiness is the key to building new skills that will ensure your success. And if in other words, that happiness - is a harbinger of success, but not the result of this. Be happy always ... To be happy is not necessarily to have some good reason.

Researchers have often noticed the effect of compounding, which is observed at the happy people. They are always in a positive mood, in a happy and harmonious state, thereby developing a new opportunities that lead them to new successes, and then the process is repeated.

Simply put ... Look for joy, play more often and get positive emotions. And your brain will automatically do the rest.