How to overcome the fear of change?

First of all - fear. Fear of the unknown. When you stand on the threshold of his apartment, which is crossed, you will see the usual, familiar picture, home wall, curtains favorite - you feel good and calm the soul. But when the looming long dark corridor, any size or fullness of which (the presence of people in it) you do not know - it becomes disturbing.

How often premature feeling of anxiety is blocking the movement of the control levers forward? Sat up on the old paper, all the annoying conditions and wages are not satisfied, but you're afraid to throw it, because all of a sudden in the near future you will not find anything decent ... A bird in the hand is a ghostly Crane ... What if I do not volyus a new team? ..

How to overcome the fear of change?

I would like to start their own business, but there are a million of risk, starting with the assumption "what if?" (And suddenly burned up? And suddenly displace competitors? What if I fail?). Burdened with a partner, but to get away from it is not enough determination, because "have to start all over again", "what will people say?" "At my age it's too late to start all over again", "we are responsible for those who tamed ". I would like to change the image, but then again: "what will people say?", "How to react to her husband?" "Maybe it is not fashionable?" "I do not look funny?", "What if I do not go?". Familiar situation, is not it?

Fear - the negative state of the, it not only does not help to solve the problem, already settled in my head, but even more cornered. To get rid of it, you need to understand its nature and causes.

Quite often frightens possible criticism from others. For example, if you really want to change jobs, but do not really want to hear: "Why was so much to learn, so you do not work in the specialty?" It is understood that by making remarks easy, but your solution - it's your life. No need to trust her opinion of other people.

Children's facilities are also not allowed to jump out of the pants have become small. If a child proactive child often was punished, and it all began with a mother's stern words: "And I'm allowed" - the later in life when important decisions he just will need someone's permission and approval in the usual life scenarios from childhood.

How to overcome the fear of change?

Any step forward - is to overcome the fear, leaving the their usual comfort zone, its a familiar nest, from which not want to dart into the vast blue sky. But just left the warm nest, the bird regains its freedom.

Fear not handle, do not live up to expectations as the place to be. If you have worked in one place for 10 years, nobody will remember the awkward period of the first flaws and failures in the professional field. At the new place you have to go through it all over again, and maybe this is not the best way affect the formation of your image in the eyes of colleagues. Do not be afraid. First of all, who does not make mistakes, he does nothing, as you know. Secondly, a man all his life studying. Third, that is done - always for the better (even if at first it seems the other way around). And finally, fourthly, if you suddenly have to err, after 10 years, and forget about it. Think about the good!

How to overcome the fear of change?

The fear of lost time - a fairly common excuse not to move forward. The reason becomes age, the presence of her husband and children - "here while she was young, single ...", last Monday (always somehow start to make in your life change like to it), the full moon, etc. Do not look for the reasons, look for reasons.. !

Want to change your hairstyle - go to the master now! A lifetime dream to dance - go to the next section with the children, for adults only. Well, positive and noble plans, as well as love for all ages.

Remember that life is multifaceted and colorful, do not be afraid to change it for the better!