Window of feeling, or why it is not necessary to watch and listen to all that we offer?

Buddhist monk Titus Nhat Hanh in the new book "Silence" explains why we should not "absorb" everything and how to become legible, and also gives a powerful exercise for healing from haste.

The windows of your feelings

Our feelings - is the window wide open in the world. Many people all the time keeping them wide open, allowing the sights and sounds of the outside world to capture us and further aggravate the suffering of our sad and worried, "I am." We feel terribly lonely and frightened.

It happens to you is that you are not able to break away from watching the movie disgusting? You hear the sharp sound of gunfire and explosions, but can not stand up and press the button to stop all this. Why are you torturing yourself? Do not you want to close the window of your senses and give yourself a little rest?

Maybe because you are afraid of emptiness and loneliness, which will cover you as soon as you will be alone with him?

Be selective

Window of feeling, or why it is not necessary to watch and listen to all that we offer?

In fact, usually we do not need to listen to music, read a book or browse the newspaper. We often do this mechanically, partly because it used to, partly from a desire to kill time and fill disturbing us feeling empty space. Or because of the reluctance to meet with ourselves. Many of us are afraid to return to the inner world, because they do not know how to cope with their suffering. That is why we are committed to the consumption of more and more sensual and spiritual food.

When we look bad on TV program, we ourselves are this program.

Why did we open the windows of our feelings for stupid movies and TV series that are created odious producers in pursuit of easy money? Film, forcing our hearts beat faster and our fists to shrink? Films, after which we leave the cinema exhausted?

Not every conversation useful

Window of feeling, or why it is not necessary to watch and listen to all that we offer?

Talking to people - is also a source of spiritual nourishment. Imagine that you are talking to a person, full of caustic bitterness, envy and low passions. During a call, you perceive the energy emanating from him despair.

In truth, much of the sensual and the spiritual food consumed by us, makes us feel worse, not better. We find that more and more often we think that something we do not have enough, we need to buy something or change something in yourself to get better. And even better. And further. And so we enter into an endless race and bustle.

What do you choose?

The good news is that we can always make a choice in favor of the protection of their own tranquility. This does not mean the simultaneous closing of all windows, because the world that we call the "external", is full of wonders.

The windows of your senses should be open to these wonders. But you have to look at each of them with a sense of self-awareness.

Even when you are sitting next to a fast clear creek, listening to great music or watch a good movie, do not trust yourself completely to this brook, this music and this film. Continue to be aware of yourself and your breathing.

If the sun is self-awareness will shed its rays on you, you can avoid most dangers. Then the stream will become more transparent, the music - even more harmonious, and the soul of the actor who plays in the film - even more understandable.

Exercise "Healing haste"

Window of feeling, or why it is not necessary to watch and listen to all that we offer?

If your everyday life full of haste, noise and confusion, you can easily forget about relaxing and healing things that surround you. For example, the fresh air, sun and trees. The following exercise can be done anywhere and at any time. You just need a place where you zadyshit freely relax and become a smile. Smiling relaxes the facial muscles and gives the body and mind a feeling of lightness. Therefore, smile for real. Instead, the following stanzas, and you can create your own inspirational line.

Try to call the picture, bringing you a respite from your consciousness. For example, while in the middle of the bustling city, imagine yourself in the mountains or by the sea. Pronounce mind these and other inspirational words.

Doing breath, I realize the air.

Breathing out, I feel the joy of his breath.

Sometimes we do not have time even to sit. If this happens to you, then please try to live consciously, as befits a human being. You are not a robot.

Window of feeling, or why it is not necessary to watch and listen to all that we offer?

Based on the book "Silence" from Myth publishing (author Titus Nhat Hanh).

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