Why do I need to find the meaning of each moment and how to do it?

Imagine a situation - you are coming to a close and stuffy subway car. Let's see how the perception of this situation, depending on what meaning you attach to it:

1 no sense, you just go to the subway. Probably, in this case, you will be very unpleasant such a trip.

2 You go home, where you will find a warm bath and a soft bed. The ride becomes not so unpleasant.

3 You are going to meet with someone you love. In this case, you most likely do not pay attention to the situation in the car - you'll be too caught anticipation desired meeting.

Why do I need to find the meaning of each moment and how to do it?

Please note, a trip in the car - one and the same. But here's the meaning of it in all three cases carry quite different. And he was not just different - depending on the meaning of this changes completely, and your perception of the situation, and your reaction to it.

And this, indeed, is the main function of sense. Because we do not respond to the events that happen to us. We respond to it, what meaning we put into them.

Further. Please note, here it was not about any there, "general sense", but a quite specific meaning of a very specific situation. That makes sense - it's not something philosophical and abstract, as something quite natural for any human being.

Why do I need to find the meaning of each moment and how to do it?

But what is the point? Define it in the following ways. Meaning - this is something that is not in your immediate experience. Meaning - this is the relationship between specific events and other phenomena. Meaning - it answers the question "Why?" "Why?" "Why?" And the like. Meaning - this is the explanation, interpretation and understanding of what is happening.

In short, the meaning - it is not the event itself, but the way we comprehend it in your mind. So, the meaning - a subjective phenomenon. It does not exist anywhere except in ourselves. So, when we look for the meaning - we did not just find, we also create.

And the meaning - it is extremely practical thing. As I wrote above, we react to it meanings, rather than events. So, finding and investing new meanings in the same situation, we completely change our reactions to them. We are completely changing their behavior pattern.

There is also another benefit of sense. The fact is that for every person, apparently, just need to feel a sense in every moment of his life. Otherwise, he feels that he lives is meaningless without a sense of the joy of life. He feels that he lives in vain. Also, if you do not consciously invest in their actions and assessment of the situation important and necessary for themselves the meaning, there is a great chance to put unconsciously negative sense. For example, that your every action - is harmful and dangerous. And constantly suffer from it.

Why do I need to find the meaning of each moment and how to do it?

Strictly speaking, we always put some meaning in what is happening. Another issue is that without conscious work with the meaning of the result, as a rule, is too small and does not suit us. The meaning of life begins to deteriorate, rather than to please and to develop it.

Therefore, learn to invest meaning in every action and in every moment of his life. Try to choose for themselves the greatest number of the best senses. Experiment with meanings. Look for meaning. Create meanings.

And then every moment of your life you will live meaningfully.