Why is the most useful topic for thinking - is their own actions?

It is quite obvious, but we have, oddly enough, do not often think about it. This theme - our own actions.

Why the thought of their actions are most useful? There are several reasons, and I will try to tell you about the most important ones. But the very first and obvious reason is that our own actions - is the only thing that our mind can directly affect.

What do you mean "just"? This means that thought is action immediately, directly. She does not need intermediate tools. And in order to affect something else - need. And, the funny thing is these intermediate tools are again our actions.

To move the table, we must own hands to put pressure on him. To talk to a person, we have to open your mouth and say something. Even for something to eat, you have to come up with their feet to the fridge and their own hands to open it.

Why is the most useful topic for thinking - is their own actions?

That is, any of our impact on the world around us comes through our own actions. Other instruments of influence we have. Therefore, on the actions it makes sense to think more often.

However, there is another reason. The fact that our actions - is the only thing in which we manifest themselves as active subjects. It is the actions we manifest ourselves as those who manage something. It is the actions we manifest themselves authors of their lives, rather than its victims.

And any thoughts, in no way related to our own actions tend to make us victims. Compare:

On the street the rain. As I'm sad!

Go'll make myself some tea and I will enjoy the rain outside the window.

The first idea does not contain information about actions. It contains information about the circumstances and emotions. And the emotions in this case is not perceived by us as the action (it will be more discussed below). In this thought we are - victims of rain.

Why is the most useful topic for thinking - is their own actions?

In the second thoughts we think about their actions. We decide what we should do, and do it. We manage reality. We use a reality. We are not victims of circumstances - we are their masters.

This way of thinking - thinking about the actions - is what people call the "inner freedom" and "free will". This is the very "proactive", which wrote Viktor Frankl and Stephen Covey (you can search the Internet more about this term). This is what gives us the opportunity to feel powerful rather than powerless.

But that's not all. Now I want to expand the concept of "action". Usually, the action refers exclusively physical movements of our body. Yet this is too narrow an understanding of action. In fact, under the action it makes sense to understand everything that is going on inside us.

What does it mean? This means that your emotions - it is also action. Your thoughts - it is also action. Your mood - it is also action. Your perception - is also action. All your mental processes - this action. In the same way, as well as physical processes. And physiological, by the way, too.

Why is the most useful topic for thinking - is their own actions?

That is: if you are afraid - you have done a fright. If you liked - you made love. If you have something to think - you made this point. If you have a pounding heart - you will have accelerated his rhythm. If you have something to see, hear or feel - you pay attention to it something of their own account. That's all - your actions. All this makes sense to think about how their actions. What exactly is the point? And the meaning of this work on oneself that only if you start to consider all these things by their actions - you will be able to manage them. Decide what emotion to feel. In the mood to introduce himself. In what condition your body to switch.

Try it! Start thinking about what thoughts to think, what to experience an emotion, a sense of feel, which event notice some physiological processes of change. Of course, not all of this can be done immediately, directly and 100%, but much of that you can do. Start thinking about everything that is happening within your body, as his actions.

Why is the most useful topic for thinking - is their own actions?

And if you start to think about their actions often enough, sooner or later you will realize that you - the master of my life. You are in control of your life. You control your life. You decide what you do with it. And doing it. You do everything you can do, and do all that choose to do thinking about their actions in the process. And if there is something you can not do, it does not matter. And you will not have this trouble. After all, you will not need to think that has nothing to do with your actions. Although, of course, you can think about that. Most importantly, remember that your thoughts about your actions - are also your actions. And you can always change them.

So you've read an article about why it is useful to think about their own actions. And what are you going to do now? Think about it!