Tangle of contradictions - as it is to unravel? On internal zamorochki

A beautiful name familiar problems

With internal contradictions, perhaps, many had to face. More colloquially called them zamorochkami. The word sounds funny, but there is no reason to have fun. What is interesting, there are problems, it turns out, the name - not easy, but a scientific and very sonorous. In the literature the term occurs ornate - intrapsychic pathogens. However, hardly the essence of this varies greatly.

"What if ..." - and then begins a long chain with many links, branches and bends. "What if ..." - and pulled the thread, twisting in a bizarre spiral. On coils fit the assumption - from quite logical to quite fantastic. As if some inner splinter forces to invent new reasons for the occurrence of problems, contradictions.

For example, a desire to realize something important. And then almost involuntarily engulfing a flurry of speculation that may interfere with our plans to do. Thread fears not just pull, twisting like a snake. They are caught in a nasty tangle. He is constantly growing, becoming more and more massive. And it is difficult to find where it started to twist.

Tangle of contradictions - as it is to unravel? On internal zamorochki

"common" solution

Be sure to be tempted to "reasonable" exit - do not make plans. After all, there is a risk of trouble. But the fault does not always bring relief. Moreover, it generates its troubles. And, then, from the tangle of contradictions again turns to leave. It's unpleasant to feel weak, indecisive, no matter what is not capable. And these bitter thoughts, coupled with regret the missed opportunities, transformed into another tangle-clot. There is a person whom he particularly loves. Often suffer from this confusing substance people visionary. It is very possible that they are their own creative impulses are not used properly. That's why a good ability to turn into self-torture mechanism. And others in this case is not always easy.

The most courageous can certainly carry this ball in his head - because sooner or later the situation will be resolved, and treacherous clot lose relevance. But there is no guarantee that his place will be new - perhaps even heavier. And it will continue as long as the owner of these substances do not will bring himself to a nervous exhaustion.

Tangle of contradictions - as it is to unravel? On internal zamorochki


Not always trying to unravel the tangle of ill-fated immediately crowned with success. Someone is trying to force myself not to think about the problems, but it only adds to the experience. Therefore, it remains cautiously, slowly decompose it into separate threads, that is, fear, fear, doubt. How to do it? You need to connect creative thinking, because there is hardly a universal way.

Because of the internal problems, contradictions affects people with a rich imagination, some options suggest themselves. You can write a poem, a story or a fairy tale. Of course, just do not turn out masterpieces, but his opus, and not necessarily to show others (if there is no will).

Such a method - not only the ability to direct the imagination in the right direction. It is well to abstract from their experiences and see them as if from the outside. Skill is very valuable, it is worth the effort to learn it. Sometimes missing a sober view, to stop twisting the next coil.

Tangle of contradictions - as it is to unravel? On internal zamorochki

Laziness and excuses

However, even if you decide to fight zamorochkami, and here before the mind's eye often grows long and high fence barriers. It makes no sense to argue that some problems are really serious. Another thing is that sometimes the obstacles - only an appearance or imagination. And, perhaps, the elementary laziness, for which it is not difficult to come up with many excuses and excuses.

You can do simple - armed with notebook, pen, pencil, marker, and of course, patience. Next, write neatly, in a column, all the fears and disturbing thoughts - until then, until a ball is not completely will be on paper. A better fix all troubles from the start - so it is really to prevent tangling insidious substance.

It makes sense to watch him. If you noticed a tendency to constantly wrap yourself, it is important to know that the feature. Absolutely avoid tangles of contradictions will not work - it is natural to man to doubt. But it is necessary to control pile of problems. Then something "intrapsychically-pathogenic" will not be greatly complicate the daily lives.