Why dream the same dream?

If you remember your dreams, then you are very lucky. Through them, you will receive important information, tips and answers to your questions. But to read such messages need to mind.

According to popular conception of dreams, people wait after waking certain unconditional prophecy. It is believed that the dream may portend certain events.

In fact, the subconscious mind has the information that it is impossible to get to the library. But just imagine how much information gets into your brain throughout life. And the dream - is not primarily a book of prophecies, and the method of discharge and rest for the brain. While you sleep, he tries to cope with the information and free you from unnecessary garbage.

Why dream the same dream?

In the stage of REM sleep you, first of all, restore psychological health. This condition is very similar to a trance. How to sleep, and in a state of trance, you go out on a direct relationship with the subconscious. The circulation of images and feelings without specific request, it is difficult to predict what matters to you and what just fell accidentally.

To select for themselves really significant dreams, you need to pay attention to their frequency. If you dream the same dream, then look for it in the "key". Note! Dreams may be many, but one message. A recurring dream - it does not mean 100% copy of the previous one. You can see other places, the situation, but to wake up with the same feeling. That's right, in different ways subconscious is trying to tell you important information. You only need to take this signal and understand its meaning.

Why dream the same dream?

As the received signal, for many it is not too difficult. Suffice it to recall, with some inspiration, many begin their story: "For many years, I dream the same dream ..." But judging by the fact that it is happening "for many years", the value and remains unsolved. The middle of painting a picture to the end, we go to the search for meaning.

If you already had something like that, and you have committed a recurring sense of, you can now turn your unconscious with a request to reveal to you the meaning of the message. To do this, you have two ways:

1. Through a dream. Before you go to sleep, play mind your last dream. Recall sensations. Refer to the unconscious. Ask him to bring the same thing, but the other way closer to your life. Agree with you, remember this dream and decipher its meaning.

2. A trans. Do you remember your dream, you know that there is something important to you, but the meaning remains unclear. To put the record straight i, you will need some external image, from which you and will be repelled. For example, playing cards:

Why dream the same dream?

Mentally ask a question and from a full deck of cards pull out 5-7 cards face down. Put one pattern. Look at them.

Ask the unconscious, show the same answer (information) with the same meaning, but in a different way. Close your eyes. Are there any other pictures and images? Make sure your feelings. Think about how this can be related to your question. Perhaps you've seen the dream.

If the meaning is not yet cleared, then open your eyes again, look at the card and refer to the unconscious of the "new way" to ask again ... until until you feel the answer. Get ready to get it through both visual images and through the auditory or kinesthetic sensations.

Why dream the same dream?

Interpreting dreams, dream interpretation aside. Only rely on their own feelings. All that you see, hear, feel, belongs only to you and is intended for you. Your dreams are unique, just like you do with your thoughts, desires and perceptions. Most importantly, do not forget to thank yourself for each such step, each new discovery. And at night, when your day meeting will begin to turn into "edge of the forest," do not forget to whisper softly, "Honey unconscious, I trust you completely."