How to live simply? Learning to be easier

Familiar? Such thoughts go to each one of us at some point in life. And the question arises: what to do? How to get out of this state right? With ease!

"There is nothing harder than to become easier to"

Have you ever met people easily related to their problems, cheerful, energetic, cheerful? Probably acquainted with them, you have decided that easy - it is an innate property of their character, and to be as it is impossible deliberately. But in actual fact, in joy, too, need to practice. The ability to be happy requires training. It is a conscious choice of the person. He is not easy, but possible. It consists in the acquisition of lightness of being, the ability to step back from the problems.

How to do it, you ask? Make no mistake: looking for reasons to celebrate. Throughout. In that breathe, live, move, contemplate the phenomena of nature, this is the essence of positive thinking. Wise Dalai Lama said:

"If the problem can be solved, do not worry about it. If the problem is insoluble, it is pointless to worry about. "

"Release" your problem, trust in life, and then your problem will be resolved for you the best way. "

How to live simply? Learning to be easier

Do not worry, be happy!

"Do not Worry, Be Happy" - there is such a word in the famous song. It is, if we say in our language, it means: "Do not worry, be happy." Treat your life simpler and easier, fostering a sense of humor, because humor - this is our shield in front of all the trouble, it allows to take them less seriously. Your head - no trash, which allowed to score all sorts of rubbish: resentment, feelings, fears, and expectations. Scoring "waste" his head, wasting energy on empty troubles, you let the favorable changes in your life. Do not cling to "junk" are exempted from it as not to be afraid of change as soon as possible. They are always for the better!

Life in the style of light

Choose for yourself stance in the style of light. This does not mean that you have to count calories and to arrange a fasting days. This means an easy attitude to life. Unloading mental, non-load unnecessary problems and experiences. Life in the style of light - it is all sorts of amenities, joy, fun ... and happy smiles on the faces of passers-by, colorful shop windows, walk in the evening city.

How to live simply? Learning to be easier

That's life, like a sarcastic film, like the American TV series "Sex and the City." Whimsical, happy, free, live for fun - so we all need to become, at least briefly. Learn the easy attitude to life, see more good comedies, read a book, filled with humor, such as "Three Men in a Boat" (author Jerome K. Jerome). Laugh in the face of failure, and they just can not scare you anymore.

Take a deep breath!

Relax. Calm down. Now you do not run a race with itself, at the finish line is not necessary to judge, counting every second. You - not a marathon, not a participant in sports competitions and have every right to rest. Otherwise, to finish definitely does not make it. Find your soothing melody and music merge, dissolve in it. Listen to your breathing, align it, feel the heat wave and the rest spread over your entire body. Learn to relax and imagine that you are already in the desired future. What is it? And what feelings while you are experiencing? Merge with a successful.

How to live simply? Learning to be easier

Make holiday!

Our stay in this mortal world is temporary, and it is known to every one of us. We set ourselves the goal to strive for something, often living their days in the hustle and bustle, forgetting to look, what a beautiful sky above us, what different people everywhere. All life - an endless miracle, and they can not stop cheering.

"Although life is not tied bow, it's like a gift," (Regina Brett).

So celebrate their stay in this world! Celebrate your victory! Think of all the pleasant, what happened to you, all of their successes and achievements, you will realize that you have to thank life.

And that's what I love and I thank life:

I love this life for the beauty and the opportunity to enjoy it, the thought of infinite height

And for the ability of the heart to laugh ...

In the light of smiles and a frenzy of meetings for the joy, dreams, touching, hands that touched my shoulders, the miracles of the brightest moments ...

In the tears of joy, for the light of the sun, for the sincere recognition of the first ...

For each wonderful sunrise

And for the holy is understanding ...

Do not demand the impossible!

"Do not ask for anything. Do nothing, and in particular those who are stronger than you. They will come and will do everything! " (MA Bulgakov's" Master and Margarita).

Avoid criticism from reproach, from senseless expectations. Take life as it is. It is multifaceted. And the people in it are different. They do not need you, do not have to be what you want them to. Treat your life easier. Learn this, and then it really becomes easier, more pleasant and happier.

How to live simply? Learning to be easier

Be happy in the present! The present - the only thing that you have. The past is in the past, and the future has not yet come. Every moment of your life is unique, priceless and unique. Enjoy it!