Why to a psychologist? After all, I have friends!

Customers often expect from psychodiagnosis clear recommendations, advice, plan of action, the right decisions. But the paradox is that the professional psychologist none of the above does not (except cognitive-oriented direction in psychology, the essence of which - in the construction of certain thinking schemes).

"Then why do I need a psychologist? - you ask. - I have a lot of old faithful friends who can listen and support me. I can talk to them, and I will feel better. From friends I get advice, moral and emotional support, understanding, and everything else we need. They love me! "

What is the secret help of a psychologist?

Firstly, let us not forget that the psychologist - a doctor, which provides psychological support - by means of special methods of influence on the human psyche.

Secondly, friends give us advice, letting our psychological problem through the prism of of perception and experience. Advice of friends - not an objective and a subjective opinion. At best, we get a guide to action from the outside and did not find his answer to the problematic question. It is very tempting and easy!

For example ...

Best friend recently broke up with a guy to comment on your break with a young man, on the basis of their views on the situation, based on recently obtained emotions. Most likely, if it is evil to the young man, it will push you to the gap more rapidly than if it were in a more tender feelings, for example, in longing for his beloved.

Why to a psychologist? After all, I have friends!

complexed, timid man would strongly discourage you from public speaking, rejecting all need to do so, and there are hundreds of cons in a bold decision.

If you are going through a divorce, the support of a close friend, painful passing through the same event, it will be very emotional. It can hurt you, scare you, instead, to support and give strength.

Or ...

Sometimes our friends know us so well, that does not say certain things because it can hurt us, annoy or offend - thus, we can not get them to the real assessment of the situation. (Psychologist also will choose only those phrases that you want or do not want to hear. It can be a very valuable experience. This may give you some knowledge and understanding of the situation, new perspectives and solutions, new findings!)

All of this happens unconsciously. Our true friends really love us and want to support! But they are using his experience their feelings and knowledge in order to help the we. However, their picture of life may be different from ours, because we are all very different and can not live on the same patterns.


  • Remember that the psychologist does not give advice, he tries to help ourselves to find the answer in itself!
  • psychologist - is our mirror. Meeting with him, we talk to the depths of himself, more and more understanding and getting to know yourself, finding a your answers. He otzerkalivaet us, our language, our behavior, our features - giving us the opportunity to look at ourselves and come to discoveries in themselves!
  • Talking with a psychologist - is hard work on yourself! Get informed response from itself is much heavier than ready to take advice from friends, even from the heart and with love.

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