Why do people masks, and how to recognize them?

Day by day we are cluttered with such a layer of other people's thoughts and emotions that underneath it all, it is difficult to see our point.

What people mask? Because to be truly sincere and loving - a great spiritual energy. Therefore, many people live with the least mental deterioration, choosing familiar with childhood parental behavior model. It is a pity that any of the 6 existing masks means to stop the development of life in a kind of theater of the absurd ...

As the choice of masks is going on?

According to psychologist Izhevsk, "Montessori Center" Tatiana Tyminski, two people get married, the relationship often choose "host-guest". And now one tries on the crown, and the second sacrificial folds his arms across his chest: "I've had bribes are smooth, the queen - over there!". Appearing in the "least energy-consuming" family, children are forced to take from the wardrobe of the mask under the numbers 3, 4, 5, 6 or up to the place of the departed parent, under his mask.

Why do people masks, and how to recognize them?

The mask number 1: Patron

As a rule, it is a woman, all kind showing the victim: "Everything in the house is kept on me!". She voluntarily took on himself all the trouble of cleaning, cooking, washing, walking pets, check diaries of children and counting drunk husband beers. This is a full-fledged mistress, who know exactly how much should earn her husband, and who have become children of the future.

Patron dominant feeling - anger. Therefore, as a consequence, that person early aging. Besides his overbearing behavior, he simply pushes the true love of the house. To communicate with masks, it is necessary to say "magic words", ie. E. To beat the very essence of a failed actor. The magic words for Patron: "I'm not going to talk to you until you're mad!".

As soon as he got off his imaginary throne and calmed down, you can slowly take away from his "king's house" away to the real life, closer to his own family.

The mask number 2: Dependent

Weak-willed husband, seeing that all the worries hoisted over his "regal" half just does not do anything. The family was constantly "nagging" him as an example for the "correct" the wife and the husband prefers to move away from the negative accumulating in the garage, on a fishing trip to the sauna or hang out in the computer periodically, disarming all sorts of monsters. The result - the same, lamentable: alcoholism, gambling addiction, autism and a combustion syndrome.

The dominant feeling of dependence: the wine. Therefore, the magic phrase that can awaken his true, strong soul: "I do not know why you feel guilty, but I'm a little afraid you!".

After that, he will remember that he has wings and it is quite the guts to take responsibility for their words and deeds.

Mask number 3: "Hero"

Why in quotes? Yes, because only in words. The first child born to a patron and dependence is a sort of flag, which proud and parade. He - putovy, not the father! Feeling universal admiration, rebonok- "hero" has openly stated about their successes, it aims to be the first in everything. Wishing to meet the imposed mask, it betrays its own ideals, constantly eager to command and often goes on the head. It seems that the whole world only to those concerned and that closely monitors the progress of the "hero." Why it is so hard going through their own failures. As a result of stress a person burns. In addition, he always lacks something real, not impose on others. The dominant feeling of "hero": shame.

Magic phrase: "I know what you are ashamed. Let's discuss what you can do with it! "

The main thing - gently let him know that the world accepts it for what it is - with all the shortcomings and irregularities, so sometimes you can be quite frivolous and contradictory.

The mask number 4: scapegoat

Second child was initially compared with an A-senior. On it to vent all the negative energy of the family. But for him to receive a portion of the negative is still better than to feel like being ignored. So he indulges in all serious: early prostitution, drunkenness. That's why the second children often attract all negative. Fighting. Police. Prison. In general, continuous misfortune, because these children are very traumatic.

The dominant feeling resentment.

Magic phrase: "I understand - you hurt! And who would not hurt? "

Grieve with them, visit their fate and show them a new way to freedom from stereotypes.

The mask number 5: The Lost

The third child is born in a standard "mask" the family is incredibly closed. Seeing Lady Mother, weak-willed father, a traitor and a hero and goat descended, he hides in his own world, voraciously reading books, quietly playing music or taking care of pets. He is quiet hard worker, steadily learning to "4", and does not draw attention to itself, so it seems the family, what happened to him - no problem! In fact, among the Lost sufficiently widespread autism. Lost dominant feeling: loneliness.

Magic phrase: "I understand you. I feel as lonely childhood. And in the world of books, music and nature to me much more comfortable! "

Become a close friend of the "lost" the baby, try to develop a single, secret language, so that he can count on you in difficult times.

Mask number 6: "Talisman"

But over someone in the family like neighing and fun - it's on the fourth child. He constantly plays the role of buffoon, because the dominant feeling "mascot" - fear. "And when the funny - then not so bad!" - says Mikhail Efremov. "Talisman" stung, do not need the world, so the ape and laugh all before losing his mind. Similarly, in the general wave of fun, "the mascot" can step out of the window, because these children are pronounced suicidal ...

The magic words for "mascot": "You scared?"

As soon as he nodded and bit poseroznel - soon leads him from the crowd laughing and try to look deep into his vulnerable soul.


Imagine that you met ... alien. He wants to know our planet better, so tortured you with questions. But how do you explain it, for example, what rain? The smell of roses? Or how Mozart's music is divine? In words - in any way, it should only be felt!

The first step has been taken. Now you know what to put on the mask loves your surroundings. It's time - to disrupt its own. Changing their behavior, even for a little bit, we attract the most important changes in their lives. Make them! Second. Talk to your loved ones. Say the magic words to help them get to yourself. Let them feel the life-giving power of good!

And the main thing. begins to live honestly, every day giving your favorite moments of peace and understanding.

Build your life on love and trust.

Stop saying "I think" or "I think." Say "I feel" - the only way to experience the true, living energy of love!