The child does not love his mother?

However, it seems to me, my mother sometimes exaggerate the scale of the disaster - although sometimes that detract, not wanting to see the obvious. So, let's see, what can be the cause of "dislike".

Child about 2 years to really love my mother any. Another thing is that the model of relations in the family are different: one child allowed her mother even beat him, and for that nothing will happen (the danger is that this behavior may be fixed); and in another - it will be perceived as nonsense and will not happen again.

Therefore, beats-kisses - not an indication of love for his mother. This is only the options of expressing yourself, to attract attention.

A possible relationship with her mother and the truth is not very strict mother, or cold, or just roll up to the extreme, and the child in any way want to get her attention - well, let it be so, let the bad behavior, beating, biting.

Another point, why "bad attitude" often complain about mom than the Pope: Yes, simply because my mother all day with the baby. A Dad's attention is guaranteed and so, he saw the child not so long: going to work to kiss, coming home from work to play, redeems before bedtime - and this is the most optimistic scenario. And my mother - that she is not going anywhere, is always available. So often in the early years of life the baby daddy is only the object of love, and my mother - also a field for experimentation.

In addition, let us not forget that my mother often all domestic and "police" (disciplinary) - that is unpleasant - function, and my dad - a celebration: come, smiled, something brought on hand picked. And my mother all day bu-bu-bu da bu-bu-bu, then do not touch, do not go there - what wonder that kid frowns?

The child does not love his mother?

But as the kids are older, 3-5 year olds, although they have a tremendous need to love my mother, is not always the child with his mother carries. The fate of the baby is not easy: the vital need for love is not satisfied (if the evil mother, overly strict, even cruel or indifferent), it is being pushed to the margins of the soul, from which grow bigger problems later.

Growing up, children who failed to properly love mum, dad, rush into marriage with the first counter or go to wittingly losing relationships, because the need to love accumulates colossal, plus lack of confidence that often comes in pairs. However, before all this - even when it comes, and dislike - here it is already evident: the child can avoid the mother or be cruel to her, or behave provocatively with her - a lot of variants.

The critical point is the passage of the baby through the so-called oedipal phase of development - at the age of 5-6 years, he passes the identification with the parent of his own sex. First, if the child "falls" in the parent of the opposite sex: girls love dad (psychologists call this phase Electra), the boys are dreaming to marry the mother ( "oedipal phase").

The child does not love his mother?

Accordingly, there is tension in the parent-child relationship: the boy is jealous mother to her father, the girl - the father to the mother (and here everything is so bizarre that strained relations may both parent their own and the opposite sex - depending on the emotional color already established in the family relations, as well as the reaction of a parent to the child's feelings). But, anyway, if all went well, the child understands and accepts his place in the relations between parents and their role in the family. Is its own self-determination - boy or girl, and how to behave in accordance with this fact. And further to teen moms crisis can breathe easy. However, if the mother is too sharply pushed the boy with his "love", or the girl badly coped with its "phase Electra", and has not freed at the subconscious level of confidence that the Pope should belong only to her, and my mother - competitor and rival, now and forever and ever, the relationship with her mother can be very cool.

The child does not love his mother?

This is most clearly beginning to emerge in the teenage years, when under the influence of hormonal changes in the body teenager some extent losing control of their emotions. And here it is necessary to distinguish between the situation: before 11-12 years, everything was fine, and then the child "suddenly deteriorated" - is one thing, this is a normal manifestation of the crisis of adolescence.

If there was already a coldness and tension in the relationship with his mother, then a teenager, all processes only worsen, and here, in fact, we can only advise to stock a lot of patience and just wait it out. Because trying to break and remake the ending only further collapse, and then remains only to hope that the relationship with the child will improve someday, if he himself becomes a parent and feel that it is - not a pound of raisins, and please forgive the who raised him as best he could.