Who smiles sexual success?

In the view of scientists from the American University of Chapman were more than 60 thousand men and women who prefer heterosexual relationships, t. E. The people that sexual relations between the Russian Ministry of Health officially recognizes "sexual norm."

The average age of respondents, among whom men were slightly more than women (52% and 48%, respectively), was 37 years old. The surveys all asked to indicate your height, weight and number of sexual partners. It turned out that men and women aged 30 to 44 have them in an average of 8. The presence of more than 5 partners reported 58% of men and 56% women, while 29% of men and 23% of women of more than 14.

How, then, sexual success is due to the weight and height of the individual?


Who smiles sexual success?

It is believed that taller men more attractive to women than stunted. In fact, it turned out that this dependence is only partly true. The researchers found no significant differences in the number of sexual partners among men grew and low, with the exception of extreme growth values.

Most undersized male reported an average of 5, whereas higher - about 7 partners. The highest men are 1-3 mate more than those who are shorter than average.

"The results confirm that the growth in demand in the marriage market, - said study lead author Dr. David Frederick (David Frederick). - Against this background, it is difficult to explain the relatively limited variation in the number of sexual partners for men in most parts of the continuum of growth values. "

Who smiles sexual success?

Dr. Frederick suggests that perhaps there is a certain minimum threshold of growth, followed by women view all men as potential sex partners, regardless of the specific values ​​of the growth of the body.

Despite the fact that being overweight in general is harmful to health, obese men are more in demand by women than thin. Frederick says:

"Men with overweight and normal weight reported more sexual partners, men who are underweight - for less."

Citing the example of George Bush, Frederick explains sexual success obese men the fact that the medical classification of overweight does not always correspond to the social perception. Large body size is associated with virility, which causes sexual desire on the part of potential partners.


Who smiles sexual success?

It was found that "thin persons" men are not attracted. Women who are underweight have far fewer sexual partners than others.

According to Frederick, such statistics may be due to several reasons. For example, the owner of thin bodies may be shy and therefore do not tend to show. In addition, a shortage of weight is often accompanied by serious health problems as a direct impact on sexuality.

As well as men, the study found no direct correlation between the increase and the number of sexual partners women have, except that the most undersized women reported fewer partners compared to high.

The results are published in the journal "Evolutionary Psychology" (Evolutionary Psychology).