Why quarrel occur? Seven Rules of conservation relations

Why is there an argument?

The fact that you quarrel, says that you care what happens between you. You still care about each other. Otherwise, you would not react so violently to what is happening, there would be no passions. Yet the quarrel and he says that between you is not so perfect and smooth as we would like. There is a certain problem, which is the cause of conflict.

Quarrel indicates a change in the situation and that your relationship is developing in tandem. It issues and conflicts that arise between loving people, forcing them to work together to seek solution to the problem, try to change and become better in order to save their love.

Due to the strife which ended with reconciliation, and conflict, of which jointly managed to find a way out, the couple raise their relations to a new level. These shakes - a kind of test of the strength of feeling for the couple that wants to be together.

The rules for conservation of relations

Why quarrel occur? Seven Rules of conservation relations

Well, if it happened that you can no longer keep the emotions in yourself and feel that you figure out the relationship need to be aware of a few rules of conduct, following which you will be able to avoid alienating expensive for you man and successfully solve the problem that caused the conflict .

1. Learn to listen.

To be able to hear the arguments of the opponent during the showdown - a very expensive quality. Make efforts to interrupt his tirade. So you will have the opportunity to hear the arguments of a loved one and to understand it. 2. Choose a suitable place and time for the showdown.

Do not let your quarrel took place in front of strangers, especially when it comes to your party. If they become witnesses of domestic scandal, they have a desire to get away from your home and do not come back. As the proverb, "dirty linen in public can not stand", it is worth to listen to it - gossip you to anything. Also, do not meddle when you and your beloved in a hurry in the morning, going to work. Lack of time and haste only intensify irritation and raise the degree of conflict. And especially should not quarrel during intimacy with a loved one.

Why quarrel occur? Seven Rules of conservation relations

to 3. Keep control.

When in the midst of trials, you have the feeling that you cease to control the situation and irritation, anger, everything increases and increases, say to yourself, "Stop" and try to slow down so as not to cross the border of what is permitted. Anger is not the best advisor. Usually we later regret about the words spoken under the influence of negative emotions.

4. Do not hesitate to talk to loved ones about what you care about.

If something in a relationship with a partner you are worried, irritated or upset, do not be afraid to tell your loved one. Silently hide their discontent and to accept the fact that you do not like, wrong. Firstly, most likely he did not even realize that you are dissatisfied with something. Second, anger and resentment will build up in your soul as long until they reach their limit and do not gush out, causing a huge scandal. If you really love, you will listen to your words, try to understand what you are feeling, and will do everything possible to solve the problem, to find a compromise. If not, then you probably should not hold on to a man who does not care about your feelings and experiences. 5. Do not hesitate to ask when something does not understand.

You think that you can read the thoughts of his beloved and well understand it? Wrong. If you're not going to ask questions about what is important to you so, if you communicate with each other is small, there is a risk and are not understood. If you see that your favorite somewhat disappointed, let him speak, to explain the reason, and do not make speculations and not invent what is not. Listen carefully, try to understand.

Why quarrel occur? Seven Rules of conservation relations

6. Try to see it through the eyes of the problem.

So we arranged that each is fully confident in their rightness. Quarrels arise because and that we assess the situation with his hand, not thinking about how he sees her loved one. Try to look at what is happening with his eyes, it will help you understand why he did what he feels. Put yourself in his place, and you will understand why he is in conflict with you. We should not exclude the fact that there is your fault in this situation.

7. Do not allow yourself to insult a loved one.

Whatever seething passion during an argument, never allow themselves to insult and humiliate the partner. Life often happens: the quarrel - reconciled, but the words he loved temper and humiliate you, will long live in the memory, poisoning your feelings. Respect the one you love, even when angry or offended at him. Take care of each other and their love.

Why quarrel occur? Seven Rules of conservation relations

Each row helps us to know each other better. We have an incentive to improve, work hard to make the relationship stronger. Quarrels help identify vulnerabilities. Due to quarrels swim on the surface of all the differences and contradictions that exist between you. Joint efforts can always find a way out of the problem, fix it, what prevents harmonize your relationship.

If you happen to find "his own man", if it is true love, then no matter how much you may quarrel, still make every effort to save the relationship and make peace, and love each other even more.