How to avoid a divorce, saving the family fortune?

The first thing that needs to be done to the spouse who has decided to fight for the family - it is to take responsibility. Not guilty, namely the responsibility for the current situation. It is necessary to analyze all our actions, all our thoughts and words, which led to a cooling of relations in marriage. You can use the following exercise.

See the part of my subconscious responsible for the relationship in the family. Ask what your actions have affected you and your partner. In the mental stream that will flow to you, you are sure to find the cause of the conflict.

Perhaps these thoughts and images come from the distant past, perhaps from childhood, fix them. Mentally ask forgiveness from his partner for the wrong words and deeds, forgive yourself for being allowed negativity to penetrate so deeply into your being.

How to avoid a divorce, saving the family fortune?

Next, talk to your subconscious mind to submit to you three options out of the situation. One option tends to be a recommendation to leave everything as is, but the other two can tell you the way out of the crisis.

Now you need to accept and forgive your partner, regardless of how much he was to blame.

Try the following exercise. Relax, close your eyes and visualize what you eat some of your favorite food, feel the taste, posmakuyte it. Then remember when you last laughed heartily, try to combine these feelings.

Do this exercise should be not less than fifteen minutes for a few days. You will feel a sense of partner starts to leave complaints. Do the exercise, until you realize that they are ready to take your favorite, no matter what he has done. Now you have to start to agree with your partner, no matter what decision he neither accepted. If he wants to leave the family, let him leave.

How to avoid a divorce, saving the family fortune?

Of course, you can not avoid the physical and moral violence against them, in such a situation it is necessary to leave without delay. If your loved one left you, try not to interrupt the contact with him, let it be a purely business relationship or child care, but you should at least call up. And in the meantime you continue to work on their relationship. Determine a time when no one will disturb you, relax and imagine their most strong sexual sensation. Perhaps this feeling is only associated with your fantasies, it does not matter. Try both to present their strongest taste.

Do this for several days, as far as time allows you. This exercise will greatly enhance your sex appeal, and when you assign your partner meeting, under any pretext, he will not stand.

How to avoid a divorce, saving the family fortune?

Even if the sexual contact restored, do not rush to call the wife back home and loaded his way of life. Pointriguyte, flirting with, make him afraid of losing you again. The decision to reunite should be your general, thoughtful, received no pressure from any side.

They say there are no miracles. But love can work miracles and make the family happy. Go for it, and you will succeed!