"He does not want to learn to read ..."

Five year old does not want to learn? So it should be, says PhD Marina Aromshtam *. Study at this age can not be the main activity.

"When a child is 5-6 years of refusing to learn, it's annoying and worrying parents that he was worse than the others? How could he be in school? Then there is the parental ambition: all budding children must as soon as possible to begin to read ... If your child does not want to pore over the primer, try to understand what he wants? If his favorite thing - to play if it is easy to come up with the plot, it is able to negotiate with his friends on the course of the game, then all ok with it. Playing child usually learns to read on their own. A little earlier or later. Age may vary from 5, 5 to 7 years. About the letters he learns between times: it is enough to read him stories and poems, characters that are letters, while walking to pay attention to "urban ABCs" - icon "M" above the entrance to the subway, great words posters.

Perhaps you are impatient and are confident that your child requires targeted training on reading. In this case, they need to organize properly. Five-Year Plan is designed quite differently than seven years of a child, so it should be taught in a different way - through play. Use lotto with short captions under the pictures, handmade books: picture + picture + letter or word together to play "school", "email", "art gallery". Many children are fascinated game of "signs." For example, you are expecting guests from another country. Write and hang around the house nameplates subjects unknown to them: "table", "case", "light" ... And when the wind picks and confuse all the signs, some (very short) will have to write a new ... Play with your child in its fun and keep in mind: the rigid connection between early reading and future achievements of genius does not exist. Abroad, really gives a reason to unrest, comes at the age of 8-9 years. And it is connected not with the ability to put the letters in the word, and with the desire or unwillingness of the child to read books on their own. " * Author of "child and adult in PEDAGOGICS experiences" (link-Press, 1998).