Why do we love to the stars?

Why do we love to the stars?

They are rich and famous. They are young and seem to be so. Their life happens something that will never happen to us: they dress in the best fashion designer, will parade down the red carpet in Cannes, sunbathe on their own yachts. It would seem that what we might be up to their business? However, when they heard that the party lovely Naomi was in overalls ivory or behind the 35-year-old Jennifer looks no worse than a decade ago, we inadvertently add the volume of the TV or radio.

We'll find out the latest news about celebrities of their controversial autobiography of TV talk shows and tabloid, whose number is increasing day by day. "I'm awfully tired at work and in the evening, in the subway, I do not want to read anything serious. So I just buy a kiosk magazine about the life of stars and leaf through it on the way. And why is it always the soul becomes easier ", - says 32-year-old Natalia, a web designer. What are looking for intelligent and educated people, with pleasure immersed in high-society gossip?

The stars we

"I am pleased to know that Madonna also had failures in his personal life or that Demi Moore, like me, living with a man much younger than her," - says 37-year-old Lyudmila, advertising manager in a small publishing house. "The appeal of celebrities is that they are real, live people - are the same as we are. That's the point, "- says psychologist, director of the Institute of group and family psychology and psychotherapy Leonid Krol. Indeed, they, like us, drinking and smoking, transported children to school and worry about their successes and failures. They are being treated for depression, fight and make peace with his family. They are speeding, parked in the wrong places and the little things podvorovyvayut in supermarkets. They are ridiculous and weak. In short - they are extraordinary people lead ordinary lives. Moreover, it turns out, sometimes they have even worse than we do. Hugh Grant lived with model and actress Elizabeth Hurley for ten years and was considered only a dull handsome. Caught in his car with a prostitute, he immediately became much more attractive for many. "We are looking at the stars are not heroes and anti-heroes, who are closer to us, - says sociologist Ivan Klimov. - In the life of happy people a little interesting, so we love the most, when the fairy tale takes an unexpected, unpleasant turn and becomes similar to the real story. "

We lack strong emotions

Why do we love to the stars?

"with the actress all the time something happens, not with one, the other, - says 20-year-old student Jana. - They have such a busy life! Novels, luxurious wedding, dramatic divorce - again romance. When I heard about this, I think that I somehow involved in all this. It's all a little bit about me. Although actually I'm just a lot of learning and a lot of work - nothing dramatic, no special adventure. " We get used to his life, cease to feel its taste, and because we want something more vivid, rich and original. The life of stars allows us to experience the feelings that do not exist in reality, "We ourselves are driving themselves into a situation where we have overtaken emotional hunger, -. Psychotherapist Yuri Frolov explains. - We do not allow yourself to love and to suffer, because when we were very young and gullible, we were told that this is not the most important thing. " Who among us does not remember these words: "First to finish school, and then ..." "Begin to work, and then ..." "Throw it out of my head, because ..." Our family has always been rational explanations that push our true feelings and desires for a second or even a third plan. And now, when we grew up, we are telling ourselves the same words themselves do not allow yourself to lose his head. "As a result, our feelings are not in demand, and we are experiencing emotional hunger - continues Yuri Frolov. - But there is hunger hunger, and if we can not satisfy his real emotions, we have to be content with their surrogates. " In the wonderful world of the stars, we are saved from everyday life. The same story everyone sees in his own way: places emphasis on one or another of its parts, it adds to their problems, he comes over their own life experiences, dreams and expectations. Stories of alien life allow us to safely meet the desires that we can not realize in his. "Celebrities give us Theater, with which we are freed from our passions, - explains the analyst Andrey Rossokhin. - His actors love and suffer for us. "

Usually we have no desire to cause real harm to their relatives or friends, but sometimes latent, not quite consciously thinking about it still comes to mind. In this context, the star for us - no more than a means to throw out their aggression, jealousy and other baser impulses, without experiencing feelings of guilt: they seemed to guess our secret desires and sell them for us. Mentally correlating themselves with Michael Jackson, charged with pedophilia, Naomi Campbell, izbivshey maid, or Charlie Sheen broke his hand his girlfriend, we are freed from the desire itself to go beyond the socially acceptable behavior. "All of these emotions that we try on, are very strong, because they feel real and not fictitious characters - continues Andrew Rossokhin. - Clean the way, we become calmer. "

We are looking for an excuse to socialize

Why do we love to the stars?

"She's cute, but terribly worn!", "She looks ten years older - with the latest tightening of her unlucky" ... Such conversations are combined. Firstly, they are not binding, however, help to overcome the great awkwardness in dealing with strangers. Secondly, the discussion of celebrities - it is a way to talk about themselves, talk about their lives in a roundabout way - through the well-known characters. In his account of this or that rumor from gossip and accompanying her own comments, we sometimes announce themselves much more than if spoken in the open. And finally, thirdly, awareness in regard to the lives of celebrities, and sometimes gives us a sense of their own superiority, and even power over others we feel its exclusivity, introduction to certain information that is not available to others. "I like to know who he meets, or, on the contrary, divorces - confessed 23-year-old seller of home appliances, Boris. - And I was terribly annoying when all already aware of an event, and I missed one all. This is my little weakness - screw commercials casually: "Do not you know that my husband Alsou shines for seven years in prison?"

read about celebrities Fans


  • 79% of readers of Hello !;
  • 60% of the readers of the newspaper "Antenna".


  • 16-24: 38% of readers of Hello !, 22% of readers of "antenna";
  • 25-34: 26% and 19% (respectively);
  • 35-44: 16% and 21% (respectively).


  • Higher education: 43% of readers of Hello !, 26% of readers of "antenna";
  • average: 54% and 67% (respectively).

Socio status

  • Executives: 20% of readers of Hello !, 8% of the readers of "antenna";
  • Specialists: 18% and 15% (respectively);
  • employees: 19% and 15% (respectively).

Opportunities identification of

Why do we love to the stars?

We need someone to emulate. "Identification - the earliest mechanism that underlies the development of the person. With it, the child begin to form personality traits and behavioral patterns, value orientation and gender identity, - says analyst Andrew Rossokhin. - A small child identifies with the father or the mother, unconsciously imitate - at first sounds that they make, and then manners. Growing up, he finds other examples: they are teachers, friends and celebrities ... ".

We are looking for people to help us in self-creation. After her divorce from Prince Charles, Princess Diana became almost an idol for many women who have experienced a similar drama and trying to find herself in a new life. In modern society, few genuine moral, intellectual and other "higher" authority, and because sometimes we just do not rely on anyone. In this situation, we take the example of celebrities - because of their "star" is the proof that they have chosen the strategy of behavior are reasonable, comfortable and always lead to success. "They tell us some of life's passages, play the role of advisors, to which you can listen or, on the contrary, criticize the nines - the good far and they will not be offended, - says Leonid Krol. - They justify our decisions and actions in the eyes of others and in our own. "

"The stars help me build its image, to seek and find their own style, - says 25-year-old Anna, an employee of the PR-agency. - through magazines - it's like to consult a stylist. I mean not only the clothes, make-up, or, say, the style of the interior, but also the personal image: someone gives himself as a sex bomb, someone - like an intellectual, someone - as a "bad girl" ... I use these techniques, because I myself before them would never have guessed. "

Stars on forces to make fashion a particular style of life. Once the rock star proclaimed the slogan "Live fast, die young" - and drugs have become virtually indispensable attribute of a free creative personality. Today, on the contrary, with the Hollywood Olympus sound recipes for fish for a couple of good form found low-fat yogurt and a personal fitness instructor - and now we buy a juicer and dinner after five.

forgivable weakness

Why do we love to the stars?

We are loaded with work, living in a state of eternal time pressure and are well aware that, figuring out all the harrowing details of the next novel Cher, spend time on trifles. But hold back and deny myself this pleasure, we can not afford, and because every time flipping through entertainment magazine, we feel uncomfortable. Who among us has not been subjected to the temptation to hide a bright page, say, Hello! a more serious analytical magazine? Who did not try to convince themselves and others that high-society gossip he was not interested in? However, try to look at the other side of the problem. Of course, precious moments that we spend on the study of the life of celebrities, could be used as something else. However, if it is a harmless activity gives us the opportunity to relax, soothes and allows to gain a foothold in the surrounding unstable world, then blame yourself for this tendency is not necessary. In the end, the love to the stars - that venial little weakness, which we do not have to report to fellow travelers on the subway and colleagues.

The face on the cover of

How far are we willing to go in their own interest to celebrities? Someone copies the manners and style, but there are those who resort to more drastic measures. According to plastic surgeon MD Alexander Teplyashina in his clinic treated several people every year who want to look like Catherine Zeta-Jones or Sharon Stone. "With such requests come to us mostly of the fair sex - an average of five women, there is one man, - says Professor Teplyashin. This is quite adequate people, who for whatever reason do not feel quite comfortable and confident in its natural form. Probably, they think, will be like appearance, for example, Russell Crowe, they at the same time acquire the bravery and courage inherent in his characters. " It is interesting that foreign stars are among the clinic's patients is much more popular than domestic, "They look neuvyadayusche young, and perhaps people who want them to be like, hope, together with external data to learn from them, and the eternal youth", - comments Alexander Teplyashin.

A good example of

Hooked stars children usually cheerful and welcoming, claim British psychologist John Maltby and David Giles (John Maltby, David Giles) *. They have many friends, and the interest in celebrities to help them grow mentally healthy people. It turned out that these teenagers particularly close and friendly social circle: approximately every third child idols discussion takes considerable amount of time they spend with friends. Moreover, these children are more emotionally distanced from his parents, in adolescence helpful. "Parents should not worry if a teenager is pasted over the wall with portraits of heroes, - commented the results of the study of developmental psychology Yuri Frolov. - Even worse, if it all no one is interested. The teenager is looking for himself - he forms a new image through the imitation of others, rejecting, or, conversely, developing some of their quality. This important process of working on a called search of his identity. " Sometimes, teenagers tend to imitate the characters, whose behavior is not approved by parents. "Do not forbid, do not force it - continues Yuri Frolov. - grounds for concern in this situation more often than not. The negative experience of identification - it is also a way for himself. " * In a study conducted at the universities of Leicester and Coventry (UK), involved 191 college students aged 11 to 16 years.

Why do we love to the stars? Why do we love to the stars?