Road: space aggression or freedom?

Road: space aggression or freedom?

Even 10-15 years ago, the woman behind the wheel looked unusual. Today the situation has changed: the number of motorists is growing steadily. And if until recently they were glad, and traffic police inspectors, and neighbors on the road for their discipline, courtesy and careful observance of the rules, but now, it seems, there has been a reverse trend. So, many remembered almost ended in tragedy incident on Kutuzovsky Prospekt in Moscow, when a woman driver, trying to escape from the scene, was hit by a traffic police officer stopped her. In the West, masculine, overly harsh, brutal behavior behind the wheel becomes characteristic of a growing number of women. In Russia the situation is not so clear, although there are signs that we are moving in the same direction. "Today, more often there are men who are a gentleman passed others on the road, and women brazenly brushing aside the other in the flow and do not give anyone directions", - shares his observations of 38-year-old traffic police inspector Vadim. What are the causes of metamorphosis?

  • Freedom of movement gives a sense of independence. Production of the "rights" - one of the ways to overcome existing gender inequalities (in rights).
  • The machine is protected as a private space. The "fortress on wheels" easier to express their emotions and attitude towards others.
  • The behavior on the road speaks of our inner state. Drive a car more difficult for those who are at odds with each other.

independent rights

Road: space aggression or freedom?

"I started another life, when the family had a second, my car, - says 35-year-old designer Rita, a mother of two children. - To go on business on the market or in the children's clinic - it does not need anyone to warn or ask for, now I feel much freer. " A 43-year-old Alla, personnel director of a large pharmaceutical company, prefers large SUVs. The current car - the Lexus silver - she is the fourth, and she began to ride on his father's "penny" in 1989. Alla practicing sharp, aggressive driving style quite often presses on the signal constantly peregazovyvaet, undercuts those who interfere with her, and even sometimes on the verge of what is permitted. "When I first learned to drive, driving women were few and men treated us with great prejudice. Just that not so - at once insults, ridicule: they say, where you, the girl behind the wheel, it would be better to stay at home, her husband to iron a shirt. It was very frustrating and disappointing, I complexed long, afraid of the slightest violations of missed forever. And then suddenly she asked herself: what, in fact, for the sake? I'm driving for 17 years, I drive better than many men, I overwhelmed with work, children who must be educated - so why would I need for someone to adapt? Now I go as she would like, and I do not care, it's like someone or not. " In the 80s, when a woman in Russia would sit behind the wheel, she felt that he had no room for error: it was surrounded by hostile, in fact, chauvinist male environment. Today everything is different: the cases of discrimination based on gender of the driver are becoming increasingly rare - for the last 15 years, women have won the right to be at the wheel and we intend to use this right to the maximum. And the aggression that occurs at the same time, is a kind of compensation for the former inconvenience. "A woman has encroached on many specific areas for men, and this is one of them - says psychotherapist Natalya Izbutski. - On the road, it seemed to be defending its ability to be a full member of society. Figuratively speaking, every woman driver seemed to prove to themselves and others: I am able to do things no worse, and better men. "

to splash out emotions

Road: space aggression or freedom?

Despite the fact that many of the stereotypes regarding the norms of male and female behavior in the past, public displays of public opposition to female aggression is still unchanged. Opportunities to get rid of stress, to give vent to his emotions in a woman much less than that of men. In those situations, where men are considered to be a perfectly normal flare and raise his voice, woman unspoken rules of social behavior prescribe exercise restraint. "First and perhaps the only more or less acceptable way to" let off steam "for the fairer sex were tantrums against their home, - says Natalya Izbutski. - Now they have the opportunity to use the car for this purpose. " 26-year-old Olesya experiencing rapid career took off: coming to a PR agency secretary for a year she was able to rise to the position of manager of projects. However, not everything in her life is cloudless: fast professional growth demanded from her a huge exertion, she broke up with her boyfriend, and not all colleagues in awe of its increase. Olesya lives in an atmosphere of constant stress, which throws the wheel. "The machine - perhaps the only place where I feel really comfortable, - she says. - I am so little in his apartment, the car for me - as though my motorhome. And at home I used to behave naturally: my house - my castle! "

"Indeed, for many women, the machine is a kind of private protected space, a kind of small, intimate tank, - believes Natalia Izbutski. - A sense of security and, if I may say so, of impunity, which gives her the car, often pushes her to aggression: only here in his fortress on wheels, she feels free to express dissatisfaction with life, to throw out the accumulated emotions, to prove in the end, it is also a person to be reckoned with. By the way, this is why women often prefer large SUVs - especially easy to imagine them, that no external problems can not affect you. "

to grow up behind the wheel of

Xenia twenty years of its first car, a small and dynamic Suzuki Swift, gave parents: "For me it's a completely new feeling. All the time I felt almost a child, my mother's favorite, and suddenly it turned out that I was behind the wheel is the same as all - can be an independent, self-confident, sometimes even harsh. " Purchase of machinery and mastering driving skills often allows a person to feel more confident. "Behind the wheel, a woman matures, - says psychologist, author of family training" Man + Woman "Inna Shifanova. - Our system of cultural stereotypes imposing her role weak, a little girl, looking for a strong man's shoulder. And driving a car, a woman feels mature and responsible - she must make her own decisions and implement them. "

traffic situation is such that requires drivers activity, persistence, and some aggressiveness. "Women have to be the traditional masculine qualities - says psychologist Sergei Molchanov. - Self driving does not produce them, but can significantly enhance ". "Forced to use the traditional male model of behavior, the woman behind the wheel sometimes becomes, so to speak, more men than men themselves - continues his thought Natalia Izbutski. - Self-confidence she may go into hostility towards others, and determination - in rudeness. "

Two views on the car

Male and female perception of the car is very different. "For a man, the car - it is a means of self-realization, the evidence of its social viability and measure of success. Men often tend to attach his car anthropomorphic features, talk to her, to reward playful nicknames. Most women are looking for a car more utilitarian: for them it is primarily a convenient and practical means of transportation, as well as an island of privacy and comfort in the uncomfortable and often hostile world ", - says Natalya Izbutski. In other words, if the male main vector in a relationship with a car like the phallus, directed outwards, beyond his personality, for the woman he directed inward, resembling thus the uterus - a symbol of peace and security.

Get rid of the fear of

36-year-old journalist Veronica driving for twelve years and considers itself the driver calm and careful. "The only situation in which I show on the road nervousness and stiffness - it is when I'm taking my daughter to school, and we're late. If we do not have time to go before the start of the morning traffic jams, I begin to twitch, worry, yell, swear, I can prune anyone. I am very afraid that her daughter did not have time to the beginning of the lesson and the teacher would scold her. "

"Fear, whether aware of it or not people - one of the most common causes of aggression in general and aggression in particular on the road, - says Natalya Izbutski - and moments on the road, giving grounds for the fear, more than enough. Women drivers are more likely than men, afraid of not cope with the situation, get into an accident, be attacked. And trying to get rid of fear, start to behave is not quite adequate. "

This is how the woman's behavior that violated the rules, traffic police inspector Vadim: "When I stop the car, driven by a woman, there are two possibilities. It either gets scared, cries, breaks to call her husband, or, on the contrary, begins to be rude, refusing to be tested for blood alcohol content and the general accuses me of what I say, violate her rights. " And he and the other behaviors are very common for people frightened, feel insecure and unable to quickly navigate in an unfamiliar situation for them.

Fears, not directly related to driving, and create fertile ground for aggressive driving behavior. If a woman is oppressed by some unspoken fears, if it feels the presence in their lives of any real or perceived threat, their behavior can be unpredictable and dramatic.

To come into harmony

It is clear that inappropriate, aggressive driver poses a significant danger to himself or others. But we should not forget that our behavior behind the wheel are nothing more than a private, situational manifestation of more general behavioral patterns and a direct reflection of the existing mental discomfort. "Sitting in the driver's seat, a person is always in a situation conducive to the fullest and embossed identify all his complexes, fears, resentments and repressed emotions, often without driving to the slightest relationship, - says Natalya Izbutski. - And this does not depend on the gender of the driver supplies. However, women usually tend to act more impulsively and emotionally than men, and so in order to feel at the wheel of a truly confident and calm, it is vital to get rid of the burden of internal problems and come to harmony with itself. "

Karen Horney "Psychology of Women"

Road: space aggression or freedom?

The author criticizes the male perspective on the psychology of women, dominant in psychoanalysis. And talks about the relationship between the sexes, as well as how women are changing, choosing a class, previously considered masculine.

Eksmo, 2003.