Tell me what you give ...

Tell me what you give ...

Giving what you do not have enough to

As a child, there were things about which we are passionate dream about, but never received: a bicycle, doll, electric train ... In the first years of life the child perceives it as the inability of parents to give him the love that he needs. As adults, we sometimes accept a gift things that bear traces of these are not received in childhood gifts. The person who gives them, actually presents us with unfulfilled love, which he lacked.

The question is, who can touch Do children is his dream only?

Give only what benefits the

Mixer, drill, expander, spatula for cake ... Such useful gifts often disappointing. And it's not just that they are not picking puts no sense in them, nor imagination. Sometimes the gifts of its kind in encrypted form carry quite tactless messages. Hair dryer for my wife, daughter-in vacuum cleaner - the desire to help their loved ones almost easy to read an allusion to the shortcomings of their appearance, the lack of talent or interest earthiness.

The question that might upset: who and why is all this necessary?

Give gifts with a load of

In addition to our will, they shoulder the burden of responsibility we: kitten, which we did not ask, aquarium, requiring time-consuming care ... In addition, a gift from the double bottom can be designed to cast doubt on our credibility, for example, the grandmother gives her grandson thing he parents refused to buy. Or deprive us of pleasure to choose and buy yourself something very personal. The question that may annoy: if you do not give breathe freely even on a holiday, then what do I free?


  • Do you know how to give gifts?
Tell me what you give ...

Give luxury gifts

Dressed royal family gifts, such a person in fact expressed its exclusivity, breadth of his gestures elevates itself above the crowd. Sometimes exorbitant bounty points directly to the donor's desire to dominate others, to gain power over them. Few people will sympathize with, say, the girl fan of showering with jewels. But still…

The question that can bring embarrassment: on the role of your life claims benefactor?

No one and never make gifts ...

... or give nonsense. Often hiding behind the mask of a skinflint by nature vulnerable and fragile. Perhaps as a child the parents have not to believe such a person that he is able to give joy, and now he is afraid to disappoint the recipient. Instead of accepting responsibility for the choice of a gift, put it himself, he prefers to get rid of something formal or indeed to refrain from gift. Often he suffers because of his behavior hurts loved ones.

The question that has a lot to clarify: which patients point of hiding his soul?

Handing gift certificates

The certificate for the purchase or envelope with a certain amount of money - a simple and effective way to deal with the problem of choice. But the fact that someone will seem indifferent, can mean all the same fear to go wrong with a gift. The immateriality of the gift of sound human timidity, which shy to express themselves, their tastes, their imagination. As well as his respect for us, even if he does not know how to express it, it is important to bring us pleasure. The question that can make us closer how to help him become more confident?

Construct an ambitious package

Some people are making a special effort to beat his gift: they turn it served in a fancy show, accompanied by poems, invent unusual packaging. At first glance, therefore, they are giving us the special honor of sharing their creativity and time. Such a person (as well as all the others) in the present manifests especially his personality: announces its exclusivity. In every act of giving always involved three: the one who gives; one who takes; and the one who looks at it from the outside - some imaginary observer who giver unconsciously seeks to prove something.

The question that might be interesting: who actually addressed such a gift?