Fusion with nature

Fusion with nature

Gregory Colbert

  • 1960 - was born in Toronto (Canada).
  • 1983 - moved to Paris to work on documentary films about social issues.
  • 1992 - the first photo exhibition Timewaves ( "waves of time") in Switzerland and Japan.
  • 1992-2002 - organized 33 expeditions around the world.
  • 2002; 2005 - exhibition Ashes and Snow ( "Ashes and Snow"), an itinerant museum Gregory Colbert (including 130 photographs and film) was shown in Venice, and then - in New York.
  • 2007 - 11 March to 24 June, the exhibition Ashes and Snow will be open to visitors to Tokyo.

I'm curious to shoot animals, in that I feel my purpose, - says Gregory Colbert. - As a child I had a nurse-Indian. As is known, in the culture of its people, between man and the surrounding living world, there are very special relationship. In this sense, I just try to follow the ancient traditions of the perception of nature as a harmonious whole. I am a man, become personality only when live, breathe, and create in unison with the entire planet, when I realize that in me (as well as any other living being) like a drop of water, collected features a wide variety of species. Pets for me - a boundless universe, full of puzzles, which are impossible to answer the words - they can only be displayed on the film or paper, in dynamics or statics.

Fusion with nature Fusion with nature


I believe that life and destiny to me generous and supportive - and do not get tired to thank for that their elephant-keepers. Wherever I went, wherever he was photographing, the main role in the shooting, I always avert my own animal with its unique poetics and grace. Perhaps that is why these images ring true. Those to whom it is easier to consider them artificial, staged simply afraid to leave the position of self-defense and open to the world. Today, Western man is so far from this perception of nature, so immersed in the reality imposed on him the TV and mass culture, which is often simply can not break out of its range. The best reward for the dreamer - this is when it becomes the property of the dream of many. I remember one day see my wandering museum * came one famous Indian architect - leaving, he backed away. I asked him why he was doing, and heard the reply: "We can not turn our backs to the temple." Mankind was time to review their relationship with nature. Passions flare up today around the problems of ecology and environmental protection, is clearly insufficient. The first change should the hearts of men. I'll be glad when this is my project will help them in this. "

* A traveling exhibition of works by Gregory Colbert, http://www.ashesandsnow.org

"Invitation to meditation"

Opinion Christophe Faure

Christophe Faure (Christophe Faure) - French psychiatrist and psychotherapist, a member of the administrative council of the Association of psychological support and assistance.

"These photos are so touch us because they exude a sense of security. From them breathes peace and tranquility. They refer us to the essence of life itself, in all its forms and manifestations, whether human, plant or animal. Because of its biological nature we humans are physically weak and vulnerable, but in these pictures wild animals, dangerous and aggressive, by definition, full of goodness and kindness towards us. The beast and the people come together here - and he and the other carry the spark of life, as if they were different manifestations of one substance. These pictures help to overcome the barriers between species, races, cultures. It seems that the photographer captured heroes attained enlightenment and opened inside some special, new dimension. Their eyes are closed symbol of supreme inner clarity, tranquility, alien intelligence, and it is exterior. These photos show us the way: invite to meditation, to dismiss from the outside world, freedom from vanity. They claim our right to vulnerability, give us the ability to abandon vigilance, to abandon fear and apprehension, to find their true place in the world. The message that the artist for his work trying to convey to each of us, can be formulated as: "Stop! At least for a moment, stop the pursuit of power, authority, knowledge, success and feel the energy of life - spiritualized and gives meaning to our whole existence. " At least, these are the images and emotions were born in my heart at the sight of photos of Gregory Colbert. "

Fusion with nature Fusion with nature