Antoine de Saint-Exupery, the man on high

"When you give yourself to tame, sometimes it happens and cry" ... Continuing one of which became aphorisms phrases, author of "The Little Prince", can be said without exaggeration that Antoine de Saint-Exupery's "tamed" millions of readers around the world, and they still mourn him .

Antoine de Saint-Exupery, the man on high

A descendant of ancient French family, one of the pioneers of aviation, a talented writer, thinker and humanist, inventor and hero Exupéry belongs to the category of people who do not fit into the usual framework. He managed not only to fulfill all your dreams, but also created a unique moral code, implemented in his work and destiny. His literary heritage is not too large, but it is concentrated the main thing that bothered the author all his life - the belief in the unlimited possibilities of man. This maxim, he walked straight and consistent life. Even as a child manifested his two main passions: literature and aviation. Six years old, he began to write poetry, and at the Lyceum was nicknamed "lunatic" for dreamy and compelling need for a long time watching the sky. Later, he deliberately refuses to many career opportunities and will always choose aviation. Occupation pilot Exupery gives a great opportunity to see the world as most people it is not given, but at the same time to test themselves in the most dangerous and difficult situations. "Before writing, you need to live," - he says Exupery and his books fully reflect this experience.

His date

  • June 22, 1900: Born in Lyon (the third of five children in the family).
  • 1921: recorded in the regiment of fighter aircraft in Strasbourg. n 1926, publishes the novel "Pilot".
  • 1927 begins to work in the post of the company; he was appointed chief of the airfield in Morocco, where he wrote the novel "The South Postal".
  • 1930 awarded the Chevalier Legion of Honor. He wrote "Night Flight" and meets Consuelo Sunsin.
  • 1931: marries Consuelo.
  • 1935 as the Paris Soir newspaper correspondent visited the Soviet Union. Crashes in the Libyan desert.
  • 1936: 1 January Exupéry and his mechanic saved the Bedouins. The first notes of the philosophical utopia "Citadel".
  • 1939: release of the "people of the Earth." He gets the "Big Prize of the novel" the French Academy.
  • 1942: wrote "The Little Prince".
  • 1943: joins his squadron in Algeria.
  • July 31, 1944: The last sortie. His plane was shot down near Corsica.

The keys to understanding the

Remember childhood

Not being a psychoanalyst, Antoine de Saint-Exupery correctly understood the importance of childhood experiences for the future of human life. Beginning his own way was an extremely happy one. He wrote: "Where am I? I'm out of my childhood. I come from childhood, from both countries. " Later, over time, from the height of a huge life experience, he confessed: "The world of childhood memories, our language and our games will always seemed to me infinitely more real than any other ... I do not really believe that he lived after being passed childhood".

The cult of friendship

Dedicating "The Little Prince" Léon Werth, "when he was a little boy," Exupery says: "I have a good reason for this: the adult - my best friend." His circle of friends is vast and varied, and they all remembered Exupery as a person, any communication which became the event and for whom loyalty to comrades was not long, and internal needs. His credo: "True friendship can not preach to her learning in action."

Life as a symbol of faith

He admitted in a letter to his mother: "I just read the Bible a little ... What simplicity and power of style! And how much poetry! And the commandment, takes a good twenty-five pages - masterpieces of law and common sense. And everywhere the moral laws are revealed in their inevitability and beauty: this is great, "All around him are unanimous about its moral integrity, and yet he himself is difficult to talk about the inner life:" retains some sense of shame. " But he admits: "The inner life - the only thing that matters to me. I - such as I am - to be found in what I write. " And through the imagery of his works, and directly, literally claims Exupery its creed: "I believe that the universal cult inspires, brings one individual node values, creates the only real order; this order - life itself. "

overcome Holiday

In order to come to work for the postal airline, Exupéry had to overcome the inertia of serene childhood provided youth, class habits. And his whole life will be a chain overcoming. In the literature, he refuses to romantic beauty for the sake of the truth of life, and in life will be to choose the most difficult routes. Even in danger of death, he continued to watch the world go by and, overcoming fear and despair, claimed: "Life - it is a holiday."

Books by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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