Why do we like to watch soap operas?

Almost 20 years ago the country for the first time with bated breath, watching the ups and downs of the plot "Slave Izaura". It would seem fit to us are already tired of the genre, but the daily TV shows dozens of series, watched by millions of viewers. The reasons for this persistent interest reflect our experts.

"We are important sense of belonging and security"

Why do we like to watch soap operas?

Irina Kuznetsova, social psychologist, lecturer at St. Petersburg State University

"Soaps give us a sense of employment: in the view takes a long time, and it is an excuse not to do at the moment something else. In addition, the series are our topic of conversation, but for those who do not have enough communication in real life, whether television heroes are not just family members: for they are experiencing, they sympathize. In this case, the viewer can not participate in the events, and hence the responsibility for them. All this gives a unique combination of feelings of belonging to what is happening and their own security. So, on the one hand, the TV series, like addiction, rob us of time, on the other - it is a habit, make life easier. "

"We calms" stretch "time"

Why do we like to watch soap operas?

Boris Dubin, sociologist, senior researcher at the "Levada-center"

"The action of any series deliberately stretched in time. Events, words, staging repeated many times. From this time it is impossible to keep up with as easily make up for the missing. And this aesthetic infinite delay us soothes, gives a break: we were too tired from the abundance of modern information and need to pause, slow down the pace of daily life. TV video, advertising or music, is a shock; It shows the same - a habit and feeling dimensions of existence. Between the two modes, and passes today lives in Russia almost every viewer and man. "