Images that carry messages

Images that carry messages

Each of our dreams is built mostly around one theme, a story or a character: a child, an animal, a car ... What do you think the founder of analytical psychology Carl Jung, these images are produced not only in the personal unconscious of the dreamer, but also in our inherited collective unconscious that contains the knowledge accumulated by the whole of humanity. "According to Jung, the unconscious is much wiser than our consciousness and purpose of dreams - to convey to us certain information, which can enrich us, to become guides and helpers in the way of development of the person, - says Jungian psychotherapist Madina Slutskaya. - In other words, dreams - this is the unconscious messages that we need to hear and understand. " The keys to this understanding may be the images and symbols of our dreams.

In order to correctly decode the images of our dreams, it is useful to remember a few rules. "Firstly, the dream to be interpreted only in the context of our current life situation - explains Madina Slutskaya. - ask yourself questions to understand the current, it is your sense of character or image. As he speaks in me? What emotions and memories awaken?

What calls me? You can then turn to the Encyclopedia of symbols (see "About this." - Ed...) and consider which of these interpretations it responds in the shower. In addition, one should not assume that the dream is exhausted before the end, if you feel that you have deciphered the dream, it just means that ... you have missed its meaning. The characters are so ambiguous that they can discover new facets after a while. "

We have selected seven images, which are more likely to appear in our dreams, and formulated questions to help make sense of what "knowledge" sends unconscious. But you can find other issues that are more appropriate for your current situation. After all, anyone can intuitively feel, what areas of life illuminate the images of his dreams.


Images that carry messages

It is a symbol of the body, as well as the inner life, of what is happening in our souls. Appearance's dream house shows how we perceive ourselves. Neglected, dilapidated house could indicate that you do not know how to behave in a certain situation, or may be revised their views, habits, relationships with people. Navigating through an unfamiliar house can talk about what you do not understand yourself or incorrectly perceive themselves. This image indicates that it is time to ask yourself the question: which aspects of his personality, habits, traits I do not want or afraid to understand? Empty rooms may indicate the presence of personal resources, which have not yet been disclosed are not implemented.

It owns the symbolism inherent and individual rooms, the rooms in the house. Kitchen - a place where gross matter may be recyclable. It is a symbol of transformation, evolution. This image tells us that in order to move forward you need to change yourself or that this process has already begun.

Dressing Room may indicate the need for liberation from what burdens us. From which you would like to get rid of in your life? What beliefs, emotions, attitudes burdened you?

Bathroom - the place of purification - can indicate that you wish to clear a certain area of ​​its existence, something to refresh yourself. For example, to change the way of life, to clear the stalled relations.

The bedroom also likely to tell about marital and sexual relationships.

The body of the

Images that carry messages

In the dream often appears a certain part of the body, rather than the whole body. The first question that should ask yourself is quite simple: what is the purpose of this part of the body? Most often in our dreams we see the hands, feet, teeth and throat. Hands are a tool for creation, communication and contact (to shake hands before petting). When we dream mutilated related, dirty hands, you may need to ask ourselves about the quality of our relationships with people. Do you feel that you mistreated? Or yourself are the instigator of conflicts? But it could be a question about your creative abilities whether by expression of lack of confidence in yourself if you ignore them, do not give up?

Feet tend to indicate our ability to move and maintain balance. Paralyzed, aching feet reflect the difficulty of making choices in advancing or evidence of inability to be independent.

Loss of teeth - a rather frequent and disturbing us an image that can talk about the lack of a "healthy" aggressiveness, inability to stand up for themselves, assert themselves, to take strong action.

Finally, the throat - a place of concentration of our emotions and anxieties. We say: "I have a lump in the throat should," "I held my breath." A sense of lack of air tightness, it is impossible to speak in a loud voice - all this encourages the dreamer to to ask yourself the question: what is a hindrance to self-expression and spiritual well-being?


Images that carry messages

The symbol of our deepest essence, the hidden potential of the true "I". Dreams of birth, birth can symbolize the birth of some important parts of our personality. For example, it may be a new way to interact with the world - a free and informed; This may be new, deeper relationship with people; This may be an opportunity to express themselves in any endeavor. Beautiful, smiling, cheerful children demonstrate our ability to take care of his deepest essence, a sad, abandoned children, by contrast, show that we ignore its true "I". In order to understand what signals this image in a dream, you must answer the question: what are the needs and desires do not get in my response? The child may also talk about our relationship with the partner. Depending on how it looks, what kind of feelings it is in a dream, this image may indicate a happy or a failed relationship. What he saw in a dream the death of a child can talk about the transformation of such relations. Finally, the transformation of the child in a baby animal evidence of the difficulties that we are experiencing in the manifestation of their desires and feelings. It is possible that they are depressed too strict upbringing.


Images that carry messages

The coffin, funeral, cemetery, dead ... Despite the fact that these images are associated with negative experiences and can cause anxiety in the dreamer, they are positive. For our unconscious death - it is a symbol of rebirth. And because such images should be interpreted as an incentive to the development, metamorphosis. Thus, the dream of his own death often points out that we are in the process of development: some parts of our personality lose their vitality, to make room for new faces, "I am." If such images generate anxiety, panic, this is due to the fact that any change, even positive, always a little afraid of us. Cemetery marks the beginning of the transformation: before something in itself to change, need to last glance over the past, and this image symbolizes that "intermediate state".


Images that carry messages

If a dream appear images of animals, birds, insects, and the key to deciphering this dream will become a major feature of the animal's dream.

The dog is a symbol of loyalty, but also speaks of the manifestation of instincts: maternal, sexual and self-preservation instinct. Friendly dog ​​shows that we do not repress your instincts, but do not go at them on occasion. If she behaves aggressively, perhaps we are afraid or manifestations of his instincts, or are their slaves. Dreams that allowed us to pursue, indicate the existence of some kind of problem that we do not dare to face.

The cat is a symbol of femininity - it does not matter whether it is a dream man or woman. It can be encouraged to disclose more feminine side of our personality (emotional, sensitive, sensitivity). It also symbolizes sexuality. When a cat in a dream behaves aggressively, it could mean that we unconsciously associate sexuality with aggression. Unpleasant animal, such as a spider or a snake, too often appear in our dreams. Spider weaving its web, lying in wait for prey, suggests trapped danger. Note the behavior at a meeting with the spider: you run away from him, trying to get out of the web? Your behavior either actively or passively? Answers to these questions will help you understand how you cope with difficult situations. In addition, the web can represent an obstacle to the realization of unconscious conflicts and motives of your behavior.

Snake - one of the most controversial figures of our unconscious. It may indicate the changes taking place (the snake changes its skin). You start a new life cycle, or feel the need to update something in your life? It represents a transformation, a transformation. Snake can also be associated with a penis, reflecting suppressed sexual desires. Finally, a coiled snake can be seen as a symbol of the universal cycle of events, cycling all that is happening.


He reflects how we "move" through life. Do we tend to behave behind the wheel carefully or risk? The image of the machine is associated with accidents. Who is the cause of them - we ourselves or other people? These questions will help analyze your demeanor, the way you relate to yourself and to others. You're driving the car yourself or is someone else? What do you feel as a passenger or the driver? The place that we occupy in the car, indicating the extent of our dependence or independence.


Packs of banknotes, coins, safes ... These images speak of our inner wealth and about how we use your talents, skills and knowledge. It is important to pay attention to what you are doing in your dream with banknotes or valuables: spend it or hide it, collect or give to someone? The answer may be the key to understanding how you treat your internal resources - neglect them or, on the contrary, try to use them.


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