The superiority of inferiority ...?

Ranked Among us there are many people who see the reason for all the difficulties in their exclusive merits. Psychotherapist Yannick Le Jean talks about what lies behind these feelings.

The superiority of inferiority ...?

Psychologies: What is the superiority complex?

Yannick Le Géant: According to the Austrian psychoanalyst Alfred Adler, the complex "is manifested in behavior, personality traits and human thoughts and beliefs that its natural ability to outperform conventional average" *. However, according to Adler superiority complex always inseparable from the sense of his own weakness and inconsistency inherent in each of us. This feeling appears in early childhood, when a child feels small and powerless ...

Does the child unable to compensate for this feeling?

JL J .: Yes, of course. Gaining experience, he feels more confident and finds the strength to move forward. Longing to be strong and powerful allowing it to evolve, adapt, and then relate their personal needs with the rules and restrictions imposed by family and society ... However, sometimes it is a strong desire to be the only way to compensate for feelings of inadequacy. And then it can acquire the intrusive nature and expressed in arrogance, a sense of complacency, or, on the contrary, in constant complaints to life.

Our consultants

Yannick Le Géant (Yannick Le Jan) - the therapist, the secretary general of the French society of individual psychology. And what happens to those who feel their superiority over other people?

F .: JL In any man has a feeling of inferiority, a feeling that he was not able to solve problems that arise in life. Well really, how can you ever be "too clever"? Those who so persistently focuses on the idea of ​​some of his outstanding merits, not simply found a different way of life. Later, when they have to be integrated into society, they find it difficult to live.

Is it possible to overcome the superiority complex?

F .: JL Yes, but it will have to face the reality. A person who chooses to overcome in themselves the complex, will have to go the hard way as Lyudmila, - it can be painful. You need to find a new balance in their lives, to create a different way of compensation - for example, in the work, in charitable activities ... A person can be difficult to "shift the center" of his person and pay attention to others. Therefore, the more he will make efforts to turn to the people and the world, so he will have more chances to get rid of their complex.

* Alfred Adler (Alfred Adler) - Austrian psychoanalyst, founder of the school of individual psychology. He first studied in detail and described the phenomenon of psychological complex.