"I can not help it"

"Tired parents can easily get out of themselves", - says semeynyypsihoterapevt Fiyoza Isabelle (Isabelle Filliozat). Maybe kids - just a convenient object for anger?

"The child wiped the table with a cup of compote, accidentally broke a book or poured ketchup new shorts ... Sometimes a little thing, so we flew into a rage:" You do realize what you're doing, "We can yell and even temper slap, eh? a minute later he regret what happened.

"He just brought me" - we are justify themselves and do not always understand that the real cause irritation - our fatigue, the inability to control the situation, to cope with the circumstances - personal or business. But the child has nothing to do with it ...

In addition, his awkwardness, laziness or sloppiness hurt feelings: our child is faulty! The child depends on us - a situation which is already very provokes us to unduly strong reaction. Power over others hardens, is not easy to cope with the unconscious temptation to abuse it (especially if the person is often in daily life feels like a victim). We should learn to accept their imperfections and mistakes to consider the child as an excuse to teach him something, to listen, to explain. Parents have the right from time to time be annoyed: they are people too, and children even useful to see their human manifestations - it gives them confidence. However, it is important to distinguish between anger-aggression (verbal or physical). Anger expresses our state, aggression is hurting another. It frightens the child, who can not respond to it, and ultimately undermines confidence in the parents, who are too obviously not control the situation.

Feeling that is brewing inside the explosion, it is better to leave to cool, and then explain in a calm state. You come back from work in the platoon? Try to take the stress more on the way; do not forget about yourself and come home. Sometimes the whole family would be better if you are a little pobudet bath themselves before bathing children. "