The work, which makes us happier

The work, which makes us happier

The idea that work should bring joy, is relatively new. For much of human history - actually, ever since Adam and Eve were expelled from paradise and condemned to earn their daily bread by the sweat - work was seen at best as an inevitable duty, at worst - as a curse. Today, most people on the planet are happy if they just can not find a job, thinking that most of the money and stability than happiness.

However, this is not a reason to put up with the routine, boredom and stress at work, putting an end to his desire to enjoy it. Strive to make their work an important and meaningful part of life - the natural desire of the modern man. And in order to achieve this, it takes relatively little: to recognize that the work we are doing today, has many advantages and is not inferior to other pursuits. there are no uninteresting professions in the world, and the joy that we can receive from its primarily depends on us.

The Myth of calling

Things do not add up, Head dissatisfied, and colleagues, on the other hand, radiate energy and enthusiasm. If this situation is prolonged, difficult to resist the thought: "I must have made a mistake with the choice of profession."

Remind yourself of

To avoid dependence on their own work and to feel not only the employee, but also a man worth several times a day to ask yourself the question: "What do I now really want to?" "Often we find ourselves" attributed "to their work and forget who we are in fact, - says Leonid Krol. - At the same time people find out what he wants at the moment, it goes to the next level: he formulates the questions and answers, becoming your own boss. " The second way to keep in touch with their inner world - to include in the surrounding space stuff unrelated to work. It can be photos loved ones on your desktop or favorite book, hidden in one of his boxes - that will allow to forget about professional issues. "The world is trying to conquer the human, - says Leonid Krol - and we therefore like to put themselves and their dreams above sea issues raging around."

The work, which makes us happier

In fact, choosing a future profession, we often focus not so much on their true desires, but rather on presenting parents momentary situation on the labor market and so on. D. But even if the activity does not meet our aspirations we have chosen, it is not a drama today determine the kind of their activities once and for all is not only impossible, but also not necessary. "Some people have all my life clarify the meaning of" vocation "- said the Russian representative of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Svetlana Chumakov - and from time to time ask yourself:" I have reached a certain goal, but what does it mean for me and I'm going to do next? "

The desire to change the scope of activities of many seems strange: we regret the time and effort spent on the education and development of core work skills, and the dread of losing what is already achieved in a professional field. At the same time, fifty years ago the visionary Ivan Efremov predicted that the man of the future will develop in his life at least three professions - and today this statement is less incredible. "We are still largely preserved the epic mindset - the director and lead trainer of personnel training" class "Leonid Krol. - Learned - go to work, and then you will be sent on a holiday. And to make your life from the epic collection of stories we do not dare. A person can have one mission in 25 years and the other in 35. It is necessary to try their hand at different things, and not necessarily at the cost of a five-year education. In life should be a lot of short trips, hobbies, it is necessary to try and explore new images of themselves different. "

To understand their needs ...

And if we are not ready to seek new employment? "Other self" can successfully search for and on the existing work - it is necessary to understand that we are in it still like. We try to figure out your own parameters of good work and to separate them from those that are cultivated in our family. "My grandfather all his life went into the service of eight in the morning, - says 23-year-old Olga. - And when I found an excellent home-based work, grandmother and mother for a long time could not accept this. They were sure that if I do not go to the service on the first bus, this is a bad lesson. " To understand that you personally invest in the concept of "good work", list its attributes. You want to help others or to seek recognition? Have a free schedule or a car with a driver? This list will enable you to learn about their unmet needs: the status, respect for others and a sense of freedom. "Namechtayte" a job - the Council Leonid Krol. - Carefully consider all the details: big or small team, it looks like the head of which is the workplace, which are orders ... First thus describes the perfect job, then - good and finally acceptable. And if at first you wanted your boss knew eight languages, then to the ending may simply agree on a polite person. Drawing such mental pictures, you help yourself to accept the reality. "

The work, which makes us happier

... and to accept a waiver of those

When the work is in line with our basic needs and expectations, we feel comfortable. And if this does not happen, we will inevitably feel the frustration and stress. "When I took a job, I was told that I could for two days a week to stay at home, - complains 26-year-old Lina. - But I have to work a full week. My presence in the office is necessary, but I still very disappointing. "

Reality rarely meets all our desires: freedom of poorly compatible with the stability and power - with the possibility of direct and easy communication with others. To avoid disappointment, we should quietly leave some part of their desires. "Choosing one thing, we always give up the other, - says Svetlana Chumakov. - But the rejection will not be painful if we are aware that this choice - our own. "

Identify unacceptable

Find out what it is in the professional sphere is unacceptable to you strongly, no less important than to decide on their own expectations and wishes. Drawing an image of an ideal job, and define what you are not going to tolerate. "Each person can set your own limit of patience to continue to build their behavior by referring to them, - says Svetlana Chumakov. - For example, on the day he is able to withstand a major scandal with his superiors or three small equal in status with peers, but not anymore. And if the level of stress on his work exceeds that for which he is willing, it is time to take action. "

Everything has its time

Those of us who brings home piles of official documents, or necessarily "lose" before going to bed in the head operating situations, risking their health: excessive dosage of business concerns is fraught with major depression. This is the conclusion Zonnentag psychologist Sabina (Sabine Sonnentag) from the University of Konstanz (Germany), studied the behavior of 87 representatives of different professions. Those respondents who had worked longer than the others and had great load, the evening could not forget about work, and as a result feel tired and constantly in a bad mood. Psychologist warns: "Anyone who is constantly busy with work, can suddenly be unable to do it."

Julia Mengo

The work, which makes us happier The work, which makes us happier

escape from the stress ...

What if the level of stress at work becomes unbearable? Only three options: accept (to its detriment) to leave or try to turn the tide. If you chose a third way, begin to act before the exhaustion will deprive you of strength. "We must learn to understand their emotions and deal with them - suggests Svetlana Chumakov. - You can meet with your boss to discuss the situation. You should head to understand what each of you expects from the other, and then discuss what you can give to the organization, and what do not do that. "

However, stress is not always uniquely harmful: in a competitive environment it is able to serve as an additional incentive to development. "Ask yourself, what gives me stress? - suggests Svetlana Chumakov. He's destroying me, or the interest to what is happening in me? And if it is a regular part of my job, what kind of ways to respond to it, I can choose? "

... and boredom

Boredom arises not only when we have nothing to do. This feeling is due to lack of motivation, and that there may be several reasons: the routine nature of the work, a priori no interest in it, or lack of respect for the organization in which we work. But we have the opportunity to treat their work with great enthusiasm. The main thing - to say goodbye to the myth about what else we might find more interesting and suitable for us hobby: fascinating work does our perception. Suffice it to recall the janitor from the notebooks of Sergei Dovlatov, who, looking at garbage, figured from what he apartments, thus proving that in any case there is a place to creativity. "The financial manager in his fantasies could see myself a jazz musician, but understood that he had to support his family, - says Svetlana Chumakov. - Therefore, it is necessary to understand what value is currently available work for him, as it can be connected with his dream, and on the basis of this find in his new occupation, unexpected perspectives. "

To overcome depression, we need to try to creatively trusted us to the point: for example, to invent other - faster, more efficient, or at least a more aesthetic - a way to implement it. Overcoming the inertia of its own, we get the moral right to challenge their superiors: "Give me a chance to show what I can do, or try his hand at something else."

Dare to leave

Sometimes you have to make a decisive step: we see no benefit in their work, improvement is not expected, and therefore, we are left with only one thing - to escape. This decision may cause fear: what if a suitable job I did not meet any more? What if I overestimated their capabilities and have to pay for self-confidence? However, this line of thinking is not only possible. "Why not consider his resignation as a way out to the next level? - Leonid Krol offers. - At some point you need to understand who is more - me or my work? If a person considers himself more than his work, he is not afraid to lose it. "

Parting with the former place of work involves the search for a new, so we should keep in mind that what makes us attractive to potential employers. We can clearly understand this, asking myself how I am valuable to the organization, which is going to work? What are my strengths and weaknesses? What are my prospects for growth? The answers to these questions at the right time to remind that our abilities and vitality allow us to maintain mobility in the labor market. "The people who know what they want and know how to properly apply themselves more likely to find the case of the soul", - says Leonid Krol. Finally, consciously parting with an inappropriate place for themselves, a person receives a reward the incredible feeling of freedom and inner renewal. After all, professional life - as well as life in general - never stand still.

The work, which makes us happier

Women begin and win ...

To successfully realize themselves in the work, the person needs to possess certain qualities. Social psychologist Takhir Bazarov * believe that the more they are inherent to women.

Psychologies: What qualities help us to achieve success in your work?

Tahir Bazarov: the IQ intelligence factor ceases to be the main indicator of the efficiency expert. His place is taken by the EQ - emotional factor associated with imaginative thinking and behavior flexible - qualities that are largely inherent in women. A typical example: men rarely allow themselves to friendly communicate with subordinates, while the women leaders understand that helping each other is possible and necessary, regardless of the difference in the service position - that this strategy provides the greatest overall performance of the team today. There is another difference: the man rather encourage staff with the necessary skills and a woman interested in a man with a "burning eyes", who are highly motivated - and, as practice shows, this is a more successful position for today's business.

Women are becoming more serious competitors for the men?

T. B .: In one of my training sessions for senior executives there is such exercise: on a piece of paper we write 40-50 of reasons that cause people to behave in a certain way of life, and each participant chooses the closest him. Now in the first five motifs in women appeared career and money, and men - love, family and a dream. Successful men too have worked intensively over the past 15 years, and they have created a need for peace. In addition, women in the business feel free man: not so important formal status for them. Moreover, if a woman will not develop a career, it will house, and few people would condemn her for it, and for men it is not accepted. Are there any areas of work where women have not yet manifested themselves?

T. B .: Women still do not have in our government, even though women's competence and energy to enable them to resolve the problems at this level. I'm sure the situation will change - now, we will design the future reality, and it can be done only together: outlook for the future has to be versatile.

* Bazarov Tahir - Doctor of Psychology, the founder of the "Center of personnel technologies of XXI century", the author of the textbook "Human Resource Management" (Unity, 2006).