What do the parents

When I hear the young and middle-aged people think that all their problems are to blame parents ( "I was insufficiently loved," "I was not taught to be independent," "I did not get a decent education, because they did not care about it "), I am very angry.

What do the parents

To be honest, I'm fed up with talk of those of my colleagues that all the troubles of their patients blame their parents. And, what is worse, to help their patients to continue those parents blame. There is such a free interpretation of the theory of psychoanalysis.

I have respect for Freud, but is ready to seriously put some of his followers blamed the fact that they contributed to the "promotion" of the idea. The very idea - "all the ills come from childhood, blame the parents" - entered the popular culture, it has become a common place. And for some reason, much less people say, "How grateful I am to my parents for what they are ..." And that's why I want to speak in a completely opposite direction. Responsibly declare: since my childhood I have learned not to be written in the pants because my mom and dad that I was taught. And I thank them for that.

They are responsible for our education, but they are responsible for what we are today, now!

Many readers psychological literature poisoned the thought that our whole life is due to our children's injuries. Of course, this is no accident: No idea seizes the minds of people so much if it does not have at least a grain of truth. Our parents do play a crucial role in our development. I do not want to take the responsibility from the parents, and yet I can not say, parents are responsible for our education, but they are not responsible for what we are today. This is a significant difference. Today, I am a grown man, and what is happening to me, within my responsibility. Only by taking on this responsibility, the person is able to grow. It is surprising that such infantile subject as an insult to the parents got so popular in our culture. And maybe there is nothing surprising, because the blame for their troubles anyone but themselves - this is the easiest way. Perhaps this is part of human nature. If we believe the Bible, then people from that and started: even Adam and Eve has shifted responsibility for his offense on the other. Adam said that the forbidden fruit he has treated women, but also Eva immediately shift the blame on the serpent. And you can ask Adam and Eve were cast out of paradise for having eaten the forbidden fruit, or for what did not dare to take responsibility for his actions?