Carl Sagan "The Varieties of Scientific Experience"

Lenore Goralik read a book by Professor Carl Sagan's "The Varieties of Scientific Experience".

Carl Sagan

"The Varieties of Scientific Experience" - a book compiled on the basis of the lectures of Professor Carl Sagan (1934-1996) - physicist, astronomer, a great connoisseur of the history of religion and the very well-known popularizer of science. It seemed to me that this book is able to assist the reader in an attempt to understand one of the most, perhaps, difficult contradictions faced by every thinking man: if God exists, why postulates of almost any religion so poorly linked with scientific facts? And if there is no God, why the world around me so often gives me a breathtaking sensation that can only be described as a religious enthusiasm?

Sagan offers the reader a picture of the world in which science does not contradict the sense of life as a miracle, but faith is a stimulus to the study of the world around us. You can, of course, disagree with Professor Sagan. But even then, "The Varieties of Scientific Experience" is able to give a boost to to see the questions that put us into a dead end, a completely new angle. And maybe because of this find their own answers. Lenore Goralik - writer, poet and translator. Author of the study "Hollow Woman. World Barbie inside and outside "(UFO, 2005), Tales" Martin does not cry "(UFO, 2007)," Agatha Comes Back Home "(Gayatri, 2008), several collections of poetry and prose.

Carl Sagan "The Varieties of Scientific Experience", Amphora, 352 p.

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