"I do not want to play with him"

"Indeed, with the child games sometimes require effort from parents - agrees child psychologist Irina Mlodik. - But they justify themselves, because the game - a great way to strengthen your relationship. "

"many parents find it difficult to admit that they do not like children's games. How much shame and guilt they feel, knowing what to put on the cube or cube machine to carry them on the carpet incredibly boring. Especially boring adults who for various reasons have forgotten what it means to be a child. Maybe their own parents did not like to play with them and called to do serious business. And now these adults just do not know how it is - to play. Difficult for them to be mischievous, spontaneous; situations requiring inner freedom and ease painful for them. Therefore, as often they choose the "useful", development activities, unaware that up to about seven years of the game - it is an important way to the child's mental development.

Of course, we have the right not to like children's games and from time to time to give up playing with his son or daughter. But still worth the effort to do a little - if only for ten minutes. Cooperative play strengthens our bond with your baby helps to know how he lived that day and now feels it is particularly important if he does not like talking about himself or he lacks the words for it. In role-playing games children live their fears, resentment, doubt. So do not teach them to play the "right" words, such as: "What an evil crocodile! Let him apologize for the fact that all bitten. " On the contrary, taking advantage of the situation can be helped to understand their feelings, asking: "Why did he bite? He got angry? And for what? And how the young animals, which he has bitten? They were afraid? "Carefully listening to the child, you will see that he is worried to learn to understand his motives. Try to find in the game, and their interest, and for this simple trust in everything ... the child - his improvisations, his logic of action, his faith in the given circumstances. And you are likely to feel the excitement, ease - priceless qualities that few adults unable to save himself. "

About the Author

Irina Mlodik - existential psychologist, author of several books, including "The Book of imperfect parents, or life on any subject" (Genesis, 2009).