When a girl becomes an adult?

At what age do we become adults? Studies carried out in the countries by the European Union and Russia, show: today the life strategies of young people - especially girls - more widely. "Uniform rules are hardly possible", - says demographer Sergey Zakharov.

When a girl becomes an adult? When a girl becomes an adult?

Sergei Zakharov - Candidate of Economic Sciences, Fellow of the Institute of Demography of the HSE, one of the study's authors.

Psychologies: What is the key factor suggests adult women?

Sergey Zakharov: no unanimity: in some countries is the presence of a permanent job, in others (as in Russia) - motherhood, in the third - a separate room from their parents. Time limits too vague. And yet there are two trends. In the Western and Northern European countries, women appreciate the economic and spatial independence from parents get an education, build careers, and only then get married. In the south and east of Europe (Italy, Greece, Poland) primarily is to create a family and having children. C .: W What's the peculiarity of Russia?

Major events related to the maturation of women assembled at a very short interval. Thus, the completion of the formation and the birth of a child between the ages 22 and come into conflict. The paradox - in Russia are the highest in Europe, the requirements for the level of education and the duration of training, but still strong stereotype to be considered an adult, she must first become a mother. However, evidence suggests that the setting of Western Europe is gradually taken over by our younger generation.

* The "European Social Survey" (ESS) attended by 25 countries, including Russia. More details in the book "Russia in Europe", Academia, 2009.