We can be stronger than the circumstances

We can be stronger than the circumstances

"By know what character I'm looking for love? I'm looking for a man stunned. In war, Chernobyl near death and in love - near miracle. In our history, not many bright pages, but other than that we had to shoot and often die, people still loved, friends, sniff flowers, admiring the sunset. Man shocked - this is the man who not only carried the stream of history, swept away like sand - no, this man found the strength to wonder of life, to touch her secrets.

I still remember one of his character, the war she was a machine-gunner. Woman killed, machine gun - a merciless iron, I think that not every technique will sustain what it does to a person, - stuffing. This woman is fifty years after the war, could not forget the autumn field after the fight - "dead lie scattered, like potatoes. Russian and German. All young, beautiful. And the other is a pity. "

The man defended their homeland, but was shocked by the madness of life, was able to rise to a height accessible little: her hatred had died ...

You can live the life of mechanically and can do it. Create. Save childlike wonder for life. This is not the monopoly of the poets. People always want to be happy ... I think today especially.

All ideas have fallen, there is only life. And at the same time more and more difficult to be happy. The world is changing very quickly and scares us. Terrorism, riot of nature ... In the XIX century, people were hoping for technological progress, on the lofty ideas that promised to make a man happy. And now ... What do we got?

We survived the time of Romanticism, when the Berlin Wall fell, all believed in a new world - without violence. But very soon we are seen on television: in New York collapsing Twin Towers, and people are flying to the ground like a bird - and we were again thrown in the Middle Ages. Again shoot, blow up. Can no longer hide anywhere. About fears today speak more than of love. New fears. And the future is impossible to predict. The entire archive of humanity appeared helpless. New wars, new fears ... ... and a little man who still wants to be happy. He wants to know how he lives, what the other person is held, as small as it is. I was in America at the presentation of his book Chernobyl.

I came, I saw very different American face and realized that the courage to live now everyone needs. And here we have an incomparable experience, we - the civilization of tears.

People want to live, to live beautifully. Not many are, especially in the provinces, but they want everything. So far, Russia has joined the consumer society only desire level. Most Russians can not afford what they have let themselves be desired. Those who can, go around the world, build, make repairs, changing not only the Soviet ideology, but all Soviet things in the house. Maybe it's our way of healing ... We have to go through it.

"MAN is more like a man when he loves. IN ANY EVENT saves us the amount of love "

At the same time, I understand people nyrnuvshih privacy. This emptiness of protection, and we are not unexplored world.

Most life is over, start small. With the joys of home. How long can you live on the war or on the roof of a nuclear reactor?

Happiness - unfamiliar to us the world. There are so many corners, windows, doors and different key. This stunning world of which we all have a very vague idea. The guy, who returned from Afghanistan, told me: "When my child was born, I sniffed the diaper. So I ran home to hear the smell. It was the smell of happiness. " Life - it is a very difficult job. It is necessary to increase the human itself. Divine. Person you will be as much as you gather in its path.

That today unites people? What words do they believe? The saved? All the same: its terms. Today, we are separated from the state and live their separate lives. The war, of course, does not win in the space does not fly, but can learn to live like human beings. Once I asked a person who is in the Stalinist camp in 14 years - that saved him there. "I am a child loved", - he said.

It saves us the number of received love. Rescues in human and non-human circumstances. I collect love in his books, the human spirit.

Chekhov has a word that everyone contented and happy man should be someone behind his back and knock on the hammer, to remind you that there are unhappy people, the weak, those who are ill. Previously, we were proud of the pain, and now it is despised. Shame.

Someday I will write a book about love. Man is most similar to a man when he loves. Even if love is gone or does not work, it is the best time for each of us. "