I am a superstitious person

I am a superstitious person

"Superstition - faith in the unknown otherworldly forces that can influence our destiny and success - defines Jungian analyst Tatiana Rebeko.- terms of depth psychology is an inherent feature of our psyche. Superstitions have arisen together with humanity and accompany him throughout his history. "

To avoid chaos

Psychotherapist Christophe Andre (Christophe Andre) explains the basis of superstition is our desire to establish causal relationships between events. The ability of such reasoning was necessary for the survival of our ancestors. Therefore, our mind is often easier to invent a magical link between two independent facts than to admit a coincidence. So we do unpredictable world more orderly - even if only in our imagination. The whole day I was persecuted of failure? Do not worry, it must be so, because today is Friday the 13th.

To tame fate

"We intuitively understand that there are forces over which we have no control, but they may affect us, - says Tatiana Rebeko. - For example, how would I have correctly conducted their financial affairs, the global financial crisis still affects me. We can not control everything. It generates a sense of anxiety. And inaction exacerbates it. Rituals and signs - it is an opportunity to do something to protect against adversity, to establish harmony with the elements, or be comforted. " For example, a national sign says: "Lack of money - it is of wealth" and advises to give alms, to get rich. "The more we are inclined to worry, the stronger the need superstitions, - adds Christophe André. - Rituals have the same comforting effect that prayer. Risky situation where the outcome does not depend on the person, and by chance, also increase the need for superstitions. According to statistics, professional sportsmen, pilots "Formula 1" and matadors more superstitious than ordinary people. "

Hope, 32, a programmer "I like to control everything that happens around the"

"If I am invited to visit, I said to myself:" You have to think that it would be bored - so I spend the evening perfectly. " I forbade myself to enjoy fear, that my joy would ruin everything. But one day I decided enough is enough superstition ruin my life - and went to a therapist. I told him about himself, and sometimes he advised me, for example, spend a day without the amulet, make a list of negative thoughts before an important meeting ... In the end I realized: superstition only hide my real problem - lack of confidence and the need to control everything. Now I threw "magical thinking" and did not intend for him to come back ... "

What to do?

Be tolerant to yourself

If your charms, rituals, and signs help to calm down - do not abandon them.

Check on the experience

In the difficult period of life, you notice that you want to make greater use of charms and spells, and follow the signs takes more time? Take a break and see what happens. It is unlikely that the number of fatalities will increase dramatically.

Ask the expert

Have you tried to stop to perform their rituals, and trouble started sweep over you? Do not hesitate, make appointments with a therapist who specializes in anxiety disorders.

Total Memory

Superstitions establish not only an imaginary connection between the facts, but also very real - between people. "We have a strong influence also the family heritage and culture," - emphasizes Christophe André. If we are with someone at the same time splyun over his left shoulder and together we turn to the side, he saw on the road a black cat, we feel the community. Most likely, and stories we read in childhood the same. I never put down the bread crust - not because I believe, if it unfortunately, but because it taught me a grandmother, and I do it in memory of her. A museum legends - for example, the ghost of Emperor Paul I, who, as we are assured, is still wandering around the Mikhailovsky Castle - enliven our shared history, make it more exciting and close. Maybe knocking on wood - is the memory of what our ancestors believed in the good spirit of the tree, which was called for protection from evil.


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sense of proportion

"Superstition - property of our psyche, it can not be good or bad, - says Tatiana Rebeko. - As long as it helps us to live, not to interfere with, all right. " We all - or nearly all - have fun sometimes that step over a crack in the pavement. However, if we do it, "in order to avoid disaster," and panic, accidentally stepping on the break, this is similar to a neurosis. In this case, it may be useful to consultation with a specialist. "To determine such a time can be on the frequency of" spell-like "actions, - concludes Christophe André - by how many different superstitions in man, and by how they restrict his freedom."

Those who close

Treat with respect to the signs and amulets superstitious people. No need to explain to a friend, that his rituals are useless - you can not convince him to abandon them, just that he would try to hide them from you. At the same time, remember that your own behavior, you do not have to bend someone else's rules. If you take becomes too much, you can remember or think of "antidote". Wake up to the salt does not lead to a quarrel, if a pinch to throw over your left shoulder. Fingers crossed "defuse" the black cat on the road. In addition, in her eartips seems white hairs ...