What to call the word "love"

One of the few things in life, not subject to any economic crisis or whims

Weather - love. She comes over life

bright colors on clear days and warm to rainy. There are many different words to say about this phenomenon, not all of which

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What to call the word

And there is no agreement between people (often between Him and Her, but not only), which is generally called the word "love." People thousands of years arguing about the mysteries of life and death, but in any case, agree with each other that is the subject of conversation. Otherwise, with love - then we just do not always represent, what the dispute. Yes if it is at all, or is it something mystical, like fate, the transmigration of souls, or the national idea?

A love relationship begins and leads us to a different world, but if we are not afraid to learn something new about themselves

Most of the essence of love take the force of gravity, interpersonal gravity, which "descends suddenly," where "all ages", which is evil ... In the most intense forms of this passion, the depth of madness. No wonder lovers often compared to obsessive and love regarded as a form of mental illness ... The similarity in the fact that a person becomes insane, out of control, is not responsible for themselves - obviously not well. Not he controls his actions, but some irresistible force, drive - that implies dragged involuntarily. (The word "passion", by the way, the same root - drive, only smaller.)

Desire and arousal - the mechanisms inherent in us by nature, mechanisms of sexuality and attachment. Both are vital not only for procreation but also for the survival and well-being of each of us. But this is less likely and there's no mystery of freedom - a wonderful writer Milan Kundera called sexual arousal mechanism, which amused the Creator. On the contrary, love - is something with which we are slipping away from our Creator. * We do not obey the orders of our hormones and sensory impressions, but do not suppress them. We are entering into a dialogue - and with his body, his involuntary aspirations, and with the other person, with his desire. As the philosopher Michael Epstein, human eroticism differs from animal sexuality that I did not just want to have a different person - I want him to want me. ** And like any dialogue, loving relationships are unpredictable; They begin where end involuntary reaction excitation, and lead us into another world - if we do not dread the unknown and are not afraid to learn something new about themselves. Scale commensurate with the scale of love, personality, and at the same time reveals the love for the individual to new heights, to which she has a chance to rise.

Love - this is not the force that drives us. This is the challenge: to accept it, we get the more, the more we can invest.

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