"It is in the children's heart of love"

Nikolai Kryschuk read us a book of Simon Soloveitchik "Nepropisnye true education"

"This book can be read in a row in one gulp, can be opened to a random page. Either way, you'll come back to it to once again hear the voice of the author, his tone not a teacher, but a man, suffered his knowledge. The book contains articles by Simon Soloveitchik, first published in the 70-80s of the last century. The name, it was like a cult, many had children, "according to Soloveitchik". But even today, each page is able to turn our ideas about the relationship with the child and make take a fresh look at yourself.

The relevance of the reasons for this are at least two. Destined in life are usually books, in which the great questions raised. It argues about the origin of life on Earth, but "similar in mystery and importance of the mystery almost nobody is interested in - the mystery of the birth of love in the human heart ..." In the case of child-rearing that seems to be an idle question suddenly becomes practical sense without which you can not step into a single step. It would seem that for a successful education is enough to love a child. But no, says Soloveitchik, "brought up not one who is loved, and the one who loves." However, as the cause in the children's heart is love? About this book.

And again: "view about education ... created so early that our own pedagogical ideas seem to us almost innate." But with the change of life is changing and pedagogy. In this case, the change of pedagogical views given more difficult than the change of outlook. And so we find ourselves in a trap, from infancy are not starting to educate and re-educate or, on the contrary, the deceiver of the obedient child, confuse anger and irritability, do not know to indulge his son or teach discipline, believe in the carrot and stick, in the best case - in the power of words. But ... "one of the literary hero since childhood hanging before the eyes of recipe:" Do not lie, poslushestvuy senior and carry a virtue in the heart. " A rose Chichikov. " Such traps, the creation of prejudice, there is no end, and an adult gets into them daily. Soloveitchik any of these traps do not miss, explains the nature of the error, it shows the output logic and human simplicity that has made our eyes open, adds: everything is simple, so it turns out, as well - no. "

About the author of the book

Simon Soloveitchik (1930-1996) - essayist, philosopher, author of excellent books for children and about children, the most important of which - "Education for All" (first of September, 2000). In his articles and books developed in Soviet times unpopular principles of "pedagogy of cooperation" and "education without education." Simon Soloveitchik "Nepropisnye true education. Featured Article. " September Morning, 240.