How to choose a training course for the summer

How to choose a training course for the summer

Mastering useful skills to find interesting friends and just relax ...

The popularity of the summer training is growing, and this is understandable. They make it possible both to relax and to find new interesting friends, and a lot to learn - to understand their child or speak in public, to cope with their shyness or master the art of communication. Classes in the group is a psychologist, psychotherapist or business coach. "During these days you can master any particular skill or, for example, identify your problem and look for a way to deal with it, - says psychotherapist, a specialist on psychodrama Christina Shchurova. - We should not hope to solve all the problems that have accumulated over a lifetime - it is rather the task of therapy. "

The idea is interesting, but many of us the thought of training appear vague fears: "I would try, but ..." To learn how to run trainings, we usually know a little bit - from the stories of friends who already have experience of participation in them and from the movies, where thoughtful people sit in a circle with a psychologist and take turns sharing their problems ... "I will not I look like a loser?" - we ask ourselves.

Some of us remember the TV sessions Kashpirovsky, his piercing gaze and healing "installations", sulivshie viewers to get rid of all ills ... "Do not get caught in the hands of charlatans I?"

Many have heard about the sales training, and some participated in working hard trainings on skills development ... "I will not lose its uniqueness?" Indeed, it is worth more attentively to all these questions, and only then decide what to prefer training this summer. Seven tips to help you come to a choice with knowledge of the case.

Getting Started

If you are going through individual therapy, talk with a therapist. Knowing your personal history and needs, he will give reasonable advice. You may be useful in the therapy group sessions, where each party chooses its psychological problem. In contrast, the training - it is a group work, in which all participants (usually 12-15) a common goal: for example, learn to say "no" or to feel confident. The exercise group worked through the desired skill: after the word "training" and then "training". But what about the training of personal growth? "The development of the individual, of course, is not something that can be obtained by training - says Christina Shchurova. - We are talking about the study of his inner world and its resources. But if you reach your goals, having a thematic training, one of the "side" of the results will be personal growth. " In some cases, the choice of training - it is also a question of money: participation in a group of cheaper individual psychologist consultations. Define your objectives (what you want or what to get rid of) and select the appropriate training on the subject. Keep in mind that the name does not always accurately reflect its content, so be sure to familiarize yourself with the program and schedule. The more they are, the better will be your idea that you have to.

Except where noted participation does not require special psychological knowledge. But it is helpful to check with the organizers, if they have any suggestions for future participants. And learn about the methods that are used in the presenter. This can be a fairy tale, dance, theater, Yoga, Gestalt therapy or NLP ... What exactly do you close? Treat yourself - after all, you also still leave!

With or without accommodation?

During the summer, many training sessions are held in the country, in boarding houses and holiday homes. This allows the participants to get into a special atmosphere, to break away from familiar surroundings, with its routine, worries and spend a few days alone, with its new sensations. In addition, a few days as part of a permanent group enable its members to exchange opinions freely without fear that their attitudes and behavior will be evaluated by outsiders. However, those who do not like the idea of ​​"communes", with bedrooms on a few people, it makes sense to find out in advance whether there is an opportunity to live in one. You can look at the organizers' website, which shows photographs of places of training, rooms, premises for work. This will help you make a more accurate selection.

To evaluate the risk sectarianism

This question often arises when it comes to training associated with spiritual practices and leadership psychology. "We learn about them, usually by" word of mouth "- says Christina Shchurova. - If after participating in a training course at your friend's life was adjusted, he became more sociable, it has improved relationships with family, all signs of psychological well-being and, therefore, a good training. And what should be alerted? If your friend keeps saying that now he is a leader that knows how to live right. A reason to refuse to participate - this is the conviction of the organizers is that everyone needs to become a member of a large and happy family relations with other members of the training is more important than relations with kith and kin. The task of the psychologist and psychotherapist - to help customers cope with problems on their own, rather than tie them to himself. " Other worrying signs: if the master says that his technique only one that "works"; the organizers did not give time to think, to hurry up with the record in the group; offer to start recruiting to training a couple of participants. Participation - your free choice, and you are free at any time to leave the training. To reduce the risk of error, find out what is the reputation of the organization of training for the professionals, discuss it on the forums on the Internet.

Define competency leading

A few days before the start of the leading training is often conducted individual interviews or open meetings. You have the opportunity to ask clarifying questions to ask about the method of work. In addition, you can feel whether you have contact with the psychologist if he inspires confidence in you. "Psychologists are also interested in this pre-dating - says gestalt therapist, director of the psychological center" Here and Now "Elena Shuvarikova. - It helps to see with whom we will work to make sure that we have sufficient for this qualification, assess whether participants in our methodology is suitable. And if the master lives in another city and do not have the opportunity to meet with him in advance, you can find his articles and books, meet with the description of the approach and the expected results on the website of the psychological center where he works. " Psychological training can only lead people with higher psychological education. You are entitled to receive from the organizers (to write on the training and payment of participation in it) the information on the training facilitator.

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The training and therapy

In any case the training can not be a substitute for psychotherapy - it is only able to start the process of change. A few days of work on oneself can reveal our psychological defenses and unconscious emotions reveal the potential to solve some problems ... "This form of work is aimed at changing behavior, - says Elena Shuvarikova. - For example, a shy person can learn to get acquainted. And during psychotherapy studied and understood the root causes of shyness. The changes are visible immediately after the training - the behavior becomes noticeable to others. A therapy results appear gradually - is not only a change in a particular form of behavior, but also a different quality of life. And of course, it takes a much longer time. "

The long-term effect of

whether the effect will be long years of training, depending on how much we are willing to change and how to dispose of their acquisitions. A few days of work on oneself can give a big boost of energy, but our familiar environment does not change. "Returning home can be difficult - warns Elena Shuvarikova - and here it is necessary to follow safety rules. Members of different groups to varying degrees, explore your inner world - it all depends on the topic. Sometimes there is a very deep dive. It can be compared with a dip into the water to a greater depth - too dramatic "surfacing" can cause a kind of decompression. Therefore, we pay great attention to the fact that the leading participants of the training were preparing to return to everyday life. We recommend not to take important decisions within one month after the training, do not try to drastically change their lives and the lives of loved ones. Nor should immediately proceed to the study of serious psychological literature, it is better to learn better knowledge and to understand the changes occurring in you. " You can ask for advice from the master how to continue their development in order to benefit from the new experience is not blown away and training is not only became one of the memories of the holiday ...

The long or short

Some of the leading and therapists offer their regular seminars in different variants. As an example, Elena describes Shuvarikova Summer Intensive "Meeting differences", which takes a psychological center "Here and Now" in Abkhazia: "It is organized as follows: in the morning, all participants work within the group analysis. During the day in several small groups, they are introduced to the Gestalt and existential approach, then each participant is individually therapy, and in the evening attended the workshop of choice: art therapy, family constellations by Hellinger and others. Opportunity to look at the same problem from the point of view of different areas makes the job very effectively. " Such intensity helps to identify the psychological mechanisms that are in everyday life, it is difficult to recognize because of the usual stress and congestion of cases at work and at home. Sometimes such training launch a process of genuine inner transformation - on the condition that the person is ready for it. Almost all the leading site trainings lead the group during the year - on weekends or weekdays, evenings. Depending on your wishes and the chosen theme, in some cases, can continue their studies in individual psychotherapy sessions format.