Dine better in the company!

For our health it is important not only that, but also how we eat - alone or with other people.

Dine better in the company!

In the early 1980s, when I was still a medical student, was an intern in a Paris hospital, we often had dinner together with doctors in the staff canteen. Appetizer, main dish, dessert, coffee - a complete meal was served at tables covered with white tablecloths. During the meal, which lasted a good hour, we naturally talked on different topics.

I then continued his studies in Canada. This hospital has a self-service dining room, and we swallowed his lunch in twenty minutes, without removing it from the tray. After Canada, I went to America, to Stanford. There also was not at the lunch break. We snack sandwiches, washing them down with a can of soda - this set us to provide a pharmaceutical laboratory in which I worked.

We devoured it while listening to a lecture on new drugs. I quickly gained weight and all subsequent years spent in America, "dined" alone, standing in the elevator, who delivered me from the laboratory to the clinic, where I was waiting for patients.

For our health is important not only that, but also how we eat - alone or with others

As polls show today we are more inclined to the American model of behavior: the more often eat alone *. Front of a computer screen at work, watching television at home or in a cafe with a book. And if, as noted by the French sociologist Claude Fischler (Claude Fischler) and his American colleague Paul Rosen (Paul Roazen), in the view of many Europeans, a real lunch or dinner - it's still eating at the table, and others certainly in the society, then According to the majority of Americans swallowed a sandwich on the run can certainly serve dinner, and the food in the first place means replenishing energy, "refueling" **. At the same time, both experts agree that our health is important not only what we are absorbed in the process of eating, but also how we eat: others alone or in society. In fact, the famous Mediterranean diet - is not only a compound of vegetables, olive oil and fragrant Provencal herbs with a glass of dry red wine.

It is also a moment of dialogue, detente, reason to laugh, to feel the warmth of friendship, to show a lively interest, listening to a variety of stories from the life of their neighbors on the table. In addition, as confirmed by the study, during a joint meal people eat slowly, rarely take the supplement and eventually consume fewer calories than if they ate alone **.

It's like a friendly atmosphere in itself satisfies our appetite and nourish our cells. Let us learn to respect the needs of our real - like I did, stopping their snacks in the elevator. Now I am eager to use every opportunity to dine in the company!

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