We purify our thoughts!

As there are we condemning those black thoughts that we address ourselves? All these "I'm worthless," "I will never make it," "I have nothing to love"?

We purify our thoughts!

A friend of mine, a Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard (Matthieu Ricard), likes to recall one episode. Once, in Dharamsala, the Indian residence of the Dalai Lama, at a seminar on the meeting of East and West, some American psychologist spoke of "a sense of self-loathing." The Dalai Lama first decided that incorrectly heard, and several times asked to repeat an interpreter.

Then he asked that he explain what, in fact, we are. For him it was incomprehensible - as a man can hate himself ?! When he finally realized that this is a fairly common phenomenon in the West, it was greatly distressed. He was sad to think that there are so many people alienated from themselves so that they are able to hate myself ...

As there are we condemning those black thoughts that we address ourselves? All these "I'm worthless," "I will never make it," "I have nothing to love"? Once I held a workshop with Cambodian and African psychologists, talking about how to recognize negative thoughts about yourself - it's central position * EMDR and Cognitive therapy of depression and psychological trauma. It turned out they were too difficult to understand what I'm saying. Finally colleague from Senegal said: "And it is clear: you're talking about the fear of what others think about us!" And I suddenly realized that our negative thoughts about themselves, which we believe its actually arise when we set ourselves realistic or imagined judgments about us others.

A woman who has not been able to go through its long-standing failure of the final examination, and keeps repeating to himself: "I'm no good", accepted the judgment of those who thought so much about it twenty years ago. Their voices are still heard in her head and contaminate the interior space, destroying its spiritual ecology. This is not her own voice.

It is very important to be able to stop the flow of negative thoughts that arise in our country and in relation to other people. If we categorically speak out about a colleague or relative ( "it is to no purpose," "it is all too complicated"), we can certainly experience a small bout of self-satisfaction, comparing himself with the object of our criticism, and coming to a pleasant for yourself conclusions.

But this satisfaction is short-lived. Moreover, while criticizing others, we are strengthened in the idea that the world is so arranged: in it everyone - the victim or the aggressor. And it remains to be seen when it's our turn to become a target for criticism. Freed from the brutal assessments of others, we learn not to judge and themselves. I think it is a necessary step on the way to a greener spiritual life and relationship with others is described in a simple and exciting Buddhist prayer. He is to recognize in themselves and in each of us the most natural and the most legitimate of desires. This interior prayer addressed to the Universe: "May I keep; let me be healthy; May I be happy. " What if inside we often hear is the words and it is this voice?

* EMDR - a method of desensitization and study injuries eye movement.