Two heads are better than one

Bilingualism was the norm most of the stories. Educated Romans spoke Greek, the Europeans - in Latin, Russian - French, but what is now one way or another to communicate in English; even

when, confusing the words of three letters, written in the entrances of "sex", referring to something quite different.

Two heads are better than one

The fact that our heads are placed two languages ​​does not mean that they are just as easy to get along with each other. Foreign language pretends servant, and becomes the master. The Hegelian dialectic, every day I experienced it while living in America. Here in me, in Pechorin two people. One says what he thinks, the other does not believe what he says.

In Russian I can usually say everything you want. But with the Americans because of me says their language. This dialect, my wife and philologist called "Have a nice day". It turns out that in a foreign language banal be easier than a cad. Jokes can not be translated, even if you really want. Monologue gives way to dialogue. Wool less cardboard more. Greasiness needs wit.

Mat does not mean anything. Familiarity does not exclude but implies politeness. Brodsky long believed that the English can say nonsense. This is certainly not the case, but a drink in English, in my opinion, never work. It is not surprising that in speaking in alien, gradually cease to recognize themselves. Language surreptitiously creeps into the soul, even when it is not, as it happened with the newspaper Moscow News *. Other Brezhnev-time print media, it differs in that she could speak without saying anything, in several languages ​​at once. From this I was able to (have to) know the name in English "leader-socialist competition" and "passing the red flag." All this ended when the editors have taken this American. Without changing the contents, he honed shape that appeared in the newspaper that a free spirit, which eventually made it the flagship of perestroika. Scientists say that every tongue forms its own universe, traveling on which we can not muster the mind and tolerance. For me, however, is more important than that for thirty years in America, I was convinced: foreign language changes the relationship to the mother. Only in New York, where there are more languages ​​than the United Nations, the Russian opened my own uniqueness. Why are diminutive suffixes that can convey a range of emotions that never dreamed restrained and muscular English.

Alien Wednesday sharpens flair to their language. We can not help fear - forget spoil mix. Maybe that's why the purest Russian prose and the most virtuosic Russian poetry wrote Dovlatov lived in America and Brodsky. Sometimes I even think that soon they will have to transfer to the new Russian. This thought occurred to me when I told Moscow interviewer: "I like to eat." "The top products, - he wrote - my form the trend." * Newspaper published from 1930 in Moscow, in several languages ​​and distributed in 54 countries. In 1980 it appeared the Russian version, the chief editor of which in 1986-1991 was Yegor Yakovlev.