"To learn the language of human love"

Alexander Orlov read the book of Michael Epstein "Sola amore for us. Love in five dimensions. "

"Sola amore. Love in five dimensions "

Michael Epstein

EKSMO, 496 pp.

Michael Epstein - philosopher, cultural scientist, professor at Emory University (USA), the author of numerous articles, essays, web projects and books, including the "blank sign. On the future of the humanities "(UFO, 2004).

"This book, in my opinion, destined to a long life, as she returns erotica, erotic in the orbit of scientific humanitarian discourse. Although, I must admit, it does not lay down at once, like a hand in a glove, in my views (and text) about the love. As a psychologist and psychotherapist, I could not understand the author: stating the theme of love, it is then for almost 500 pages writes almost exclusively about eros, "of human love." Both the title and the overall intonation of the book turned out to be wider than its actual subject. However, it should give her her due: this book - a chance for a new way to see and appreciate the plan of love relationships, which in today's world of rapidly involution in sex, in the realm of pure physiology. It's a real course on the erotic, that most of us missed for valid reasons at the school called "life." Michael Epstein offers the reader a whole scattering of essays - about the diversity of love experience and the four sides of love (desire, tenderness, inspiration, compassion), about pleasure and the touch of a bisexual nature of creativity, body umonepostizhimosti and eroticism feminine wrist, an "erotologii" (as opposed to sexology) and erotonimike (poetics love the name). Written in the first place - a philologist, and therefore the study of the language of love in his textbook devoted to perhaps the most important place. But with something you need to start our erotic self-induced. It is very valuable that Mikhail Epstein does not moralize, not reasoning in the abstract: it equips the reader a real arsenal of vision, understanding and expression of the erotic life plan. Bribes and friendly, trusting, sometimes poignant in its intuitive truthfulness and personal confessional tone. The author manages to find this specific problems such language, which is autonomous in relation to the medical dictionary and sexuality, and to practice the spoken vulgar erotic speech. But by and large, this book thorite direction of love as such - in its entirety and grace. That strength, acute and chronic deficit which we all experience, modern culture and the modern world in general. "