To feel every moment of life

To feel every moment of life

We are increasingly being called upon to stop in a hurry. After all, the ability to "live deliberately" so lacking in living in the age of speed, where in the whirl of affairs often do not have time to understand both what is happening to you. We should not think that the "slow life" will solve all our problems. But we can hope that it will show us the limits of our capabilities and will create at least a small islands of peace.

To feel every moment of life

During the performance, The Artist is Present ( "In the presence of the artist"), the viewer can sit in front of as many of the artist Marina Abramovic. Until 4 December in Moscow held its exhibition at the Center for Contemporary Culture "Garage" (

Slow Food

Resistance standardization and industrialization of flavors started with Italy. In 1986, when in Rome there was the first McDonald's, an Italian sociologist and food critic Carlo Petrini (Carlo Petrini) declared war on the fast catering. He created a non-profit association Slow Food, was in favor of a return to the varied diet and the preservation of national gastronomic traditions. "Slow food" does not imply that you need to chew for a long time or a long time to cook - laughing Alessandra member association Roverai (Alessandra Roverai). - This is a deliberate and together experienced the pleasure of giving the opportunity to meet new people. Slow food stimulates the appetite and elevates the spirit! "To propagate their philosophy Association organizes international events, such as" Salone del Gusto "in Turin. Adherents of the "slow food" and appeared in Russia. The most notable of the communities - Moscow "Snail" *. Its activists hold seminars and farm festivals, where in addition to food fairs give master classes chefs with the indispensable tasting "slow" meals.

The slow tourism

Out of the car, take a picture, sit back, drive to the next point, "with a view" ... Such a detour attractions can not be called a real journey, convinced adherents of the "slow tourism" (Slow Tourism). They love a leisurely soak up the spirit of a new place and improvise on the go route. In their view, the current tourist consumes cliché sees a kaleidoscope of pictures, but did not have time to feel anything. "The essence of the" slow tourism "is immersed in the environment: the ability to slowly get acquainted with the local population and to choose the route, relying on his intuition, - explains the researcher of the Swiss Institute of Economics and Tourism, Rafael Matos-Vasem (Rafael Matos-Wasem). - If we take a guide in hand, then immediately lose our spontaneity, and ceases to be an individual journey, our own. "

Do not plan everything and spare no time for contemplation - these are the key travel conditions. And welcome (if possible) more environmentally friendly modes of transportation: do not strive to get as far as possible and as quickly as possible, and to choose the train and explore the surroundings, seeing the road as a valuable part of the trip.

Slow Art

To feel every moment of life

The term "slow art" (Slow Art) appeared in 2005 in the British newspaper The Sunday Times - the artist Grayson Perry (Grayson Perry) appealed to his colleagues with an ironic appeal: "Artists, I urge you to spend time working with a sketchbook. Think about their long and carefully on occasion discuss their ideas with colleagues instead of calling the manufacturer and immediately ordered his sculpture ... "It is not known whether the appeal is heard, but the term stuck. Thus, the American Association "Reading as Odyssey" organizes visits to museums on an abbreviated program **. Members of the association ten works selected from the museum's collection, which can be leisurely to contemplate, to then discuss. Serbian artist, performance artist Marina Abramovic (Marina Abramovic) also embodies the idea of ​​"slow art". hundreds of hours she recently sat silently on a chair in the hall of the Museum of Modern Art MoMA in New York. This highly rigorous performance called the public the most diverse and unexpected emotions.

Slow Sex

Couples tired of modern life and race for success, now the sex just a few minutes. Meanwhile, to get sensual pleasure, to try something new, to listen to a partner or prolong foreplay, it takes time. Act of love can not be reduced to an orgasm, this process of dialogue, so we need to make love slowly and stop measuring the result of sex. "Slow Sex" (Slow Sex) requires a completely opposite and training achievements: it is necessary to learn not to re-set the bar too high. Movement for the decline pace of life - is the reaction of common sense on the risk of loss of humanity. His power - in the evidence of his appeal: if it continues to live as now we are waiting for big trouble, from the collapse of the relationship to social disasters.

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"Do not bring the victims in the name of speed!"

Interview with Carl Honoré

Psychologies: The concept of Slow growing in popularity. But if it will not just fashion?

Carl Honore Carl Honore: Calls to live slowly distributed to the XIX century: they are - the same age of the industrial revolution. Today, the term Slow used very widely, so there is a risk that it will become part of the marketing strategies. But as long as it works, because it encroaches on the taboo (because the West wary of everything unhurried) and meets our unanimous desire to slow down. In essence, the question is not so much about how to do everything slowly, as about that does not reject or destroy for the sake of speed. Slow philosophy contrasts better faster, but the quality - quantity. Live at their own pace is much easier if we have a secretary, a nurse, chauffeur ... Would not that the "slow life" is essentially a luxury would be?

KO KO: Same talked about bioproducts, until it became clear that healthy food is not necessarily more expensive and also helps to save on medications. Europeans spend an average of 4 hours per day watching television, and this is a good time reserve that can be used. To slow down, it is necessary first of all to reconsider your priorities. Even single women who are struggling to balance between school schedules, movements of transport, housework and modest incomes, have the opportunity to reconsider their attitude to time and speed. For example, you can allocate 15 minutes after the children settled down to just breathe, before you rush to wash the dishes: it allows you to "recharge the batteries". Or at the weekend to give up cleaning, to play with the kids or just to be near them. Selecting a slow pace of life can lead to serious cultural changes: allowing yourself to ask for help, we will help each other; distributing a new family responsibilities, we get more equity; abandoning the tyranny of perfectionism, we are empathetic toward others' weaknesses. We lie, not when we say that we can not slow down. We lie, saying that it is possible to do everything, from anything without giving.

What can you say about the "slow sex"? Are you serious?

KO KO (cmeetsya): Movement for the decline pace of life encourages to find the right time for each case. I believe that you must pass through a stage for Slow, give yourself time to stop and think if we want to return to our quality of life and meaning. Companies are beginning to realize that employees have the opportunity to work at their own pace, suited to business more creatively and with interest. The crisis in the economy has forced to realize that you need to plan for the long term in the interests of people and the environment, and not to focus on short-term benefits. As for the "slow sex", we are talking about the quality of relationships. Haste leads to the fact that we slide on the surface of things. If you do not take the time in bed, our intimacy becomes deeper. Another positive side of Slow - restoration of communication between those areas of our lives that are at a high speed are severed. To reach an understanding about sex easier when we are no longer happy to spend time outside the bedroom: tasteful eat with pleasure working ... Slow down allows to realize that everything is interconnected, and return to the big picture of life. Prepared Ksenia Kiseleva