I do not like cooking

I do not like cooking

"One word makes me melancholy, - says 33-year-old Elina. - I have no idea what to do, I get tired quickly to bother with food, check the recipe, wait ... "Perhaps, cooking - as a hobby: one like it, others do not? "The art of cooking is different from day to day cooking as gallery preta-porter pereshito from my mother's dresses - sure family psychologist Inna Shifanova. - In one case - creativity, your own desire, pleasure; in the other - the pressure of circumstances, necessary. For many, cooking - family duty: performance does not cause joy, and failure causes a feeling of guilt. "

I am one that is not taught. Hot food can turn a meal into a real celebration. For example, in the family of my friends once a year is going to twenty people - from different generations, from different cities - and a few days together under the long conversations mold dumplings. And then eat not all, of the freeze and take with them, to please loved ones, who could not get out. But not in all families, there are traditions associated with home cooking. Who of us did not have the experience of family gatherings, and could become a joint sortie on the nature and heated in the fire of other canned food for such an experience. Inna Shifanova notes that "in adulthood is difficult to awaken their interest in cooking and begin to enjoy what you cook with your hands, if a child older did not attract us to the cooking, encourage our own experiments."

Ekaterina, 39 years, teacher

"Even when I went to live alone, my mother often brought home to me in packets and boxes his" home. " I bought myself something ready and told everyone that is devoid of cooking talent. But once I was entertaining a friend my mother's pies, expecting to hear the usual in such cases, the enthusiasm, but instead he suddenly said: "I'm sorry, but there is too much oil, I can not eat." Me like a thunderbolt struck: someone my mother's cooking is not to like! Strange, but after that I felt much freer in the kitchen began to bake the vegetables as I love, and now even a cook dinner, including compote to third. However, this is only on weekends ... "

I'm afraid to do something wrong. Mama's dumplings and soup, my mother's "signature" salad ... For many it is - an unsurpassed example. And we shackles fear: what if the result of our kitchen works have someone do not like, and most importantly, all of a sudden we would get worse than my mother? That is, many of us are not that do not like, but just do not dare to cook, because they are afraid not to live up to expectations as the people around them as well as their own.

The feeling of protest. The food that the mother is preparing for the baby, symbolizes her love for him. "But sometimes it is the only manifestation of love, - explains Inna Shifanova - replaces dialogue, becoming pichkanie or emotional blackmail (" You with your health requires a diet, but I can provide it "or" I'm in the store, to the plate, then with the dishes, and you ungrateful (th) do not appreciate "). As a result of the child or restrains and gradually adopts this attitude to food (one of the results may be overweight), or resist - and then all that is connected with the kitchen, begins to cause rejection. " It's not to love for cooking!

What to do?

To understand their motives

It is important to understand what motivates you when you get up to the plate. There is a significant difference between the "I love you and want to make you sweet," "I submit to you, and I'm afraid that you're angry," or "You're here to do with it, I just do, as is customary." Only in the first case opens the way to work. And the fear, guilt and debt hamper him. For the culinary arts, like any other, requires an inner freedom.

Free from guilt

"The way to a man's heart is through his stomach," "good mother, a good feed", "cooking - a modern trend: who does not prepare, behind the times" ... No, we are not obliged to follow any one of these ideas! It is better to leave yourself alone and wait until you want to try to cook something out of curiosity or for fun. And do not suffer if this does not happen.


Try to do exactly like someone else ... What a bore! Listen to their wishes. Buy foods that you like, arrange them into a meal as intuition tells you. You will be surprised how much you know. Recipe book is not necessarily to throw - but let it be only a deliberative vote, but not decisive.