To become the interpreter of his dreams

To become the interpreter of his dreams

Of course, I'm not Mozart and not Yesenin, but the black man was and I - in a dream. I dreamed that I was walking along the picture-cotton Bereznyak not far from his real problem. Everything here is familiar to me: every bush, every path, every neighborhood resident. And suddenly I see a stranger, who is dressed in the manner of chestertonovskogo Father Brown - a long black coat, shirt-front, deeply pulled over bowler, shoes and pants also black. He quickly and in a strange move - broken lines, like flying without touching the ground. I clearly understand that the stranger was heading for me. And when he "flies" close enough, I can see that instead of his face disc covered in white enamel. I am very scared because even in my dreams, I am aware that it is not a person but a self-propelled cyborg monster. I hide behind a wide tree trunk, and ... a black man flying past. And I hasten to the country, thinking that this is my only refuge.

Sleep long bothered me, it seemed that he had warned me about something very important. But about what? That's why I took up with interest the editorial task: with the help of two experts - a Jungian analyst and the analyst - to decipher the dream.

I do not want to become a cyborg

"By the dreams do not pay for any reason, as a fortuneteller that tells what to do and what lies ahead - confidently says Jungian analyst Leo Khegai. - They can really help you understand yourself, to find the exact solution in a difficult situation, but only in cases where hurt us emotionally. If we can not forget his dream, then most likely, it has an important message for us. But often we just do not listen to your inner voice, so to become the interpreter of his own dreams quite difficult. " Do you want to better understand their dreams? This tool will help special project "Diary of my dreams"

I recounts his nightmare, Leo Khegai suddenly asked: "You scared to death not being itself, and the likelihood that, having entered into contact with him, you'll turn into the same monster?" Yes, I think, first of all I was horrified it is this - that he will alter me in his image and likeness. I mention that the dream coincided with the search for a new job. The choice between the two proposals - the PR departments of large corporations and innovative work in the newspaper - turned out to have serious psychological stress. "Perhaps, in your unconscious there was an association between the cyborg and modern technology, you are called to do. This case you do not like, but at the time you were not ready to admit it. Dreaming prompted: for you will be better off staying closer to nature, to something natural and familiar. " I was most alarmed him "face" - the ghastly drive without eyes and mouth, that is, means of communication. "After all, I - a journalist, I am used to engage in dialogue, to talk, to listen to others and be heard - I confess. - Then, in a dream, and later, in reality, I only vaguely felt that I need to stay away from the innovative achievements that journalism would bring me far more satisfaction. And I make a decision, not tying him and his dream. "

What would have happened if I had not listened to his inner voice, punching me in my sleep? "After a while you might feel boredom, alienation, depression. Would a robot, a cog, that is, those in which you are so afraid to turn in a dream "- suggests Leo Khegai.

Common symbols

Carl Gustav Jung did not agree with the categorical score again his teacher Sigmund Freud. He said that some dreams - this is the message from the source of wisdom in the depths of our soul. They help make the right choices in life and find a solution to the creative problem, reflect the process of personality development. To understand the meaning of a dream, is to adhere to his images. But this does not preclude the appearance in the dreams of many of us, the same symbols - the archetypes that reflect the similarities of our worldview, our common cultural roots, and moral values. Thus, the archetype of the monster may indicate those fears that beset us when we undertake the new venture and are not sure that we can cope with it.

* See. More details in the article Jung "Practical analysis of dreams" (Jung "Favorites", Potpourri, 1998).

To become the interpreter of his dreams

childhood Traces

Are there other meanings hidden behind images of my dream? In search of an answer I'm going to a shrink. "What first comes to your mind when you remember the dream?" - asks Lola Komarova. Very difficult situation in which I found myself at the moment - I suddenly understand and answer, that was forced to leave not only the same job, and is very dear to me a project that I was not able to finish. He now seems unfulfilled desire. The psychoanalyst asked to name the association which cause sleeping part. Of course, my childhood summer cottage! In our company I was younger all - brother of 3 years, other children at 6 years. I tried to be on par with them and still lost: climbing trees, playing cards and telling scary stories ... It is a constant inconsistency gave rise to a feeling of loneliness and a huge vulnerability. The more that parents and grandparents are absolutely no notice of our conflicts, believing that children "will understand." "The same insecure I felt like in a dream - I suddenly realize. - I was in the woods alone with the monster. And there was no one to call for help, and there was no back, for which you can hide. " "What are your feelings caused by the situation of choice of employment, have entered into resonance with the experiences of childhood, a feeling of insecurity and loneliness in the company of warlike children and adults indifferent" - concludes Lola Komarova.

"YOUR EXPERIENCE TODAY will enter into resonance with children's helplessness, loneliness ..."


Memory Bulb

I'm out of the consulting room and out the door I remember another childhood experience. There, in the country, I always have mixed feelings of awe, embarrassment and fear of his grandfather. I am a very busy man - academician of several academies, vice-president and deputy minister - he was far from his grandchildren. In his presence, it was impossible to make noise and play with him it was impossible to talk about their childhood experiences. And that is absolutely stunning us children: in the July heat, he could sit in the garden of thick cloth coat and hat. Here it is - lord of the forest, not dressed for the weather in a long coat and a bowler hat! Here it is - the impossibility of contact, fear of the unknown character and the lack of protection from the unintended consequences of our meeting! Yes, I forgot: my grandfather came from the clergy, and he graduated from seminary, but did not become a priest. But Lola Komarova, several times repeated me why the stranger seemed to me a priest ... Obviously, in my unconscious live children's feelings to his grandfather, who burst into the dream, when I feel anxiety. So another layer of sleep was a new interpretation. It does not matter that I have not thought about it in a conversation with an expert. But I gradually master the art of lay out on the shelves details of the dream, see the deeply hidden desires and thus better understand their dreams.

Wishes and tricks censorship

"The dream has never engaged in nonsense, we do not allow that stuff bothered us in a dream" - the founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud wrote *. He claimed that in dreams fulfilled forbidden desires related to our libido. But self-censorship resulting distorts our image, so the interpretation of dreams is facing difficulties. For example, in dreams possible displacement effect, when important events, characters and details fade into the background, becoming inconspicuous. Another effect - thickening when merging into one few actors, storylines or locations. Psychoanalysis helps to straighten things out. During the session, the dreamer recounts his dream, the analyst asks him a question about each dream element: "What first comes to your mind when you think about the details of a dream?" So he did not interpret the dream, but it helps the dreamer to understand it through the chain free association. AA

* Freud, "The Interpretation of Dreams" (AST, Astrel, 2011).