"Friend" on Facebook: add or reject?

Confirm or ignore the request to add to your list of friends - the usual steps for users. Most often we accept "friends" rather than reject the proposal. However, the ability to save itself implies a willingness to say "no."

is explained in friendship, to declare its existence it is not particularly made. However, each of us has a need for social connections, establishing relationships with other people - this explains the popularity of social networks.

One family? His buddies in real life we ​​are pleased to add to the list of friends on Facebook, but many confuse the offer of friendship from his own boss, mother or younger sister. Some of us easy to ignore such requests, others reluctantly, but still support them as well. It turns out, Facebook is forcing us to mix the different areas of communication: work, friends, family? "Related People often expect that we have from them is a mystery - says psychologist Eugene Osin. - In fact, to share their experiences to us it is sometimes nicer with colleagues or just friends - which we, perhaps nowhere, except the web, and do not see. Exit - to customize groups of friends, so that visitors to the narrow circle of the others did not see. "

At home among strangers. Belonging to a group gives us confidence. However, Facebook, built on the principle of "the friends of my friends - my friends," imposes on us the law of ever-expanding group of ten, twenty, three hundred friends ... "We accept your terms of everybody, if we do not have a clear understanding of their boundaries and desires - what we are actually waiting for; as will be good for us, - says Evgeny Osin. - But if we clearly feel with someone willing to share the private virtual space, it will be easier to outline the boundaries of their group. " And refuse to accept the refusal itself. To assert its identity within the community is not always easy, but it is this is the art of being yourself. "To agree to be friends is easier than to reject the proposal, - says social psychologist Catherine Dubovskaya. - After this action, to be approved by a collective, clear and without explanation. Failure, a negative response is forcing us to look for arguments (even to themselves) and therefore requires more effort. " Say "no" - it means to be able to open without experiencing feelings of guilt, to explain his refusal to admit a person in some part of our lives. This presupposes our willingness to accept the rejection of others. Both skills we need, if we want to preserve the freedom of choice.


How do you say "no"

To reject someone's request to add to your friends list, just click on the "Not now," and then delete the request. If the user repeats its request, it can be "locked" by sending a blacklist, or write a personal message, explaining the reason for the refusal.