Exchange partners reinforces their desire?

Despite the abundance of information that we have still a lot of prejudice, can complicate the intimate life. Sex therapist and psychoanalyst Catherine Blanc monthly analyzes one such popular opinion.


Exchange partners reinforces their desire?

"Sometimes we catch ourselves on fantasy, which indulge in voyeurism or exhibitionism - perhaps for many of us it is quite possible the experience of swinging, the temporary exchange of partners? Some go on such an experiment out of curiosity, others - to better understand and explore their sexuality. Still others believe that the swing - a means to diversify the intimate life.

Man and woman bored in bed, often embarrassed to discover each other our deepest fantasies and even more so - to implement them. And, hand in hand, they are sent to the swingers club. But what it is - to have sex with someone else under the gaze of their partner? Or to see how it does it? Inevitably pops up the theme of "love triangle": the associated feelings and fantasies can be lived intensely for swing meetings.

Is it always this experience helps the pair, giving new impetus to her sex life? Despite leading partners in the swingers club. If they are shackled in bed, if they find it difficult to give vent to their erotic fantasies, you can almost certainly argue that the swing will not solve their problems, and only add new ones. Resentment and anger at the sight of pleasure partner, growing alienation (one swing like and others do not), humiliation ... We repeat that the moral aspect of it is not: there is nothing to prevent us from having sex with a dozen participants. And if a couple wants to add a new touch to its already rich sex life, then she may experience more joy. But if the partners themselves are afraid of their desires, no new experience did not save them from this fear, it is necessary to understand its origins. We will not fall into error and wait for the stimulus that causes our desire must come from outside. No, it can only arise within us, through that inner freedom that each of us can (or not) afford to experience new bright sexual feelings. "

CATHERINE Blanc (CATHERINE BLANC), author of the book "Female sexuality" ( "La sexualite des femmes n'est pas celle des magazines", Evolution, 2009).