How to find an honorable way

Those of us who respect themselves and believe in themselves, it is easier to find a solution to a difficult situation.

How to find an honorable way

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Once upon a time in the London opera house fire broke out during a performance. The hall was packed, the audience rushed to the exit. Crowds clogged all the passages began crush, panic, everyone was trying to break through the first exit nobody has been able ... The situation became catastrophic. And suddenly the whole room rang every Englishman known hymn "Rule Britannia, the seas ..." The famous singer quietly stood on the stage and sang as if he had a solo concert as if nothing was happening around. And people came to their senses. They became calmer line up one after the other and were quite fast on the street. The father, who told me this story, claimed that while there were no fatalities ...

to find a way out of a difficult, critical situation will be easier for those of us who formerly TOTAL RESPECT YOURSELF.

What happened? The well-known singer who could easily leave the burning building through the service entrance, stay, risking their lives, with their audience, to address them. It became the anthem of his appeal, as the fact that he stayed. By this act, he returned to people's self-esteem. His behavior shows that he is confident that he has who to call. I think that this conviction has played no less a role in impressing than his personal courage and anthem sound, so important to the British consciousness. People see that their behavior is incompatible with self-respect, and without it life is just meaningless. The only honorable way out was to change their behavior - which, fortunately, happened. Between the search out of the critical situation and self-esteem have a two-way relationship. On the one hand, without enough self-esteem difficult to mobilize their own forces and resources to overcome the obstacle. After all, we can not know in advance what to do: we have to be flexible, to change their behavior if the selected mode of operation is unsuccessful. This difficult task requires a belief in yourself. On the other hand, if we are able to act actively in the face of uncertainty, refusing to panic and capitulation, overcoming the feeling of helplessness, it improves our self-esteem. This is worth remembering, if we want to protect our children: it is important not just to target them on what to look out in all circumstances, but also to strengthen their self-esteem and self-confidence. English opera really burned, and more than once - it is a historical fact. But was there really an episode with the singing of the anthem? I do not even know. Honestly, I did not try to find out. But this story, which I heard ten years from his father, I will remember forever.