Learn on Skype. Distance Learning: Pros and Cons

Training courses or virtual lessons - web space gives us not only the world of knowledge, but also themselves, allowing the talents and realize a childhood dream to live in a familiar rhythm, but on a different scale.

Learn on Skype. Distance Learning: Pros and Cons

Take language lessons to master the art of photography or playing the guitar, playing chess or yoga in the comfort of home ... "The interest in distance learning is increasing everywhere: dozens of universities around the world offer us distance learning courses, including teleconferencing, web lectures and classes chatting with the best teachers, "- says cross-cultural psychologist Olga Makhovskaya. Training over Skype is compatible with any lifestyle, wealth and social status.

to realize the dream. "I could not decide to sit down at the desk, along with 20-year old students - admits 54-year-old Svetlana. - Only through web technologies I learned profession, had dreamed of since childhood: the design of interiors. " "I know that at any moment I can refuse a teacher who has ceased to be interesting to me, and add courses that are required for the work," - says 42-year-old Sergei, who studies the basics online real estate business. "The traditional system of public education, each of us remembers to answer your own wrong, hear laughter or criticism of them - explains Olga Makhovskaya. - Distance Learning for Skype allows you to have a closed or timid people to learn, feeling safe. "

To be in contact. "I like to communicate with the teacher one on one, it is convenient: you can specify not clear, ask a few questions, - says 25-year-old Tatiana, a student of the course writers. - It seems that all teachers work only for me. It motivates a more serious attitude to study and profession. " In addition, always allowed to choose its own pace and format of education: it is obvious that the mother of many children and prodigy schoolboy they would be different. Edit Script. Many of us live for years, delaying significant but risky (c unwarranted result) events until later - whether it's marriage, diet or study. Often in such a strategy, hiding the reluctance to make efforts. The apparent ease of online education helps to make the first step and change the usual scenario. Why apparent? Learning online is easier economically and physically, but the knowledge is still demand from us greater internal efforts. Quality education of franchise favorites was a privilege motivated. And the pleasure that we deliver training, it may be his main motive.

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