Save yourself in an alienated world

Dmitry Leontyev read us a book Rollo May

"A man in search of himself."

Save yourself in an alienated world

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"This book Rollo May wrote 60 years ago, it - on" age of anxiety ", the loss of the values ​​and integrity of the human person in post-war America. But, as it turns out, these difficulties resonate with our experiences today. After all, the company has attained a material prosperity, and the bureaucratic state dictate a person in his own strict rules of existence, forcing him to abandon his own goals and objectives and to live no life. Acting on a given (externally) algorithms, "hollow men", in the words of the poet TS Eliot, have little understanding of what they want really. Their passivity and apathy is inevitably accompanied by the fear of loneliness, and moreover, increased anxiety associated with a sense of threat to something meaningful. Many feel that "play by the rules" brings them suffering that they did so, without which it is difficult to breathe, without which they can not live. May shows the ways in which you can return to him and keep the individuality even in an alienated and unfriendly world.

Rollo May (Rollo May, 1909-1994)

Save yourself in an alienated world

The eminent American psychologist, one of the founders and leaders of humanistic psychology, the author of many books, among which is still the best guide for professionals "Art of psychological counseling" (IOI 2012).

"Man in search of themselves," Rollo May Institute for humanities research, 224. In order to become themselves, says psychologist, it is important to break the psychological umbilical cord that connects a person with the parents and the social environment - to overcome their dependence on their goals, values, tastes, outlook ... It requires intense inner work, even courage: a man does not like to spend themselves, and to mental and spiritual efforts this applies even more so than the physical. But only by getting rid of all sorts of unconscious dependency, we find true freedom. Mae defines it as the ability to influence their own development - to set personal goals and objectives, to find their perspective. Psychology freedom Mae later devoted an entire book "Freedom and destiny" ( "Freedom and Destiny", Norton & Co, 1981), but his reflections on this are already contained here. In particular, the notion of creativity and of religion as an important resource, which can be supported every one of us on this path.

Despite the absence of the Russian edition of the latter, the most interesting chapters of the original book, dedicated to the human relationship with time, despite some regrettable errors of translation and editing, the whole book is read with pleasure. And those who are willing to fight for himself in the world of "hollow men", a valuable ally "will find in the person of Rollo May.