L. Babauta "How to Stop postponing for later life '

One of the most popular American blogger shares her personal experience in dealing with procrastination -.. That is, with our eternal habit of putting off all "for later".

L. Babauta

It is difficult to find the person for whom this question was not relevant. What to do! Almost everyone said, "What will you be when you grow up?" "That's graduated - and then ..." or "Here you shall have your children ...". As a result, we have formed a habit that is almost as bad as the word, which the experts call it "procrastination". This means that we are too much postpone for later - in the future, which, by the way, is every day less. Of course, we are not to blame. But who would we blame either, we will have to flee. And Leo Babauta is ready to show us an example. He - not a psychologist and not a guru. He is not afraid to give direct advice, but does not teach life. One of the most popular American bloggers, he simply shares his experiences, because he passed this way: at first put off for later, and then began to do everything "right now." In its recommendations, "just start", "take responsibility" and the other there is nothing particularly new. New - that they are gathered together in a small book that can be read on the road, without wasting time. Right now. Alpina Publisher, 125 pp.