"Life as a force for freedom"

Alexander Loboc read a book by Karl Jaspers to us "philosophy"

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Karl Jaspers (Karl Jaspers, 1883-1969)

The eminent German philosopher, one of the founders of existentialism. Author of many books, among them - the fundamental work "General Psychopathology" (Practice, 1997). His "philosophy" (1932) was first translated into Russian.

Karl Jaspers, "Philosophy", Book 1 "The philosophical orientation in the world", 384 pp., Book 2 "Enlightenment existence", 448 pp., Book 3 "Metaphysics", 296.

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Soviet man for a long time tried to assure that the history of philosophy - it is nothing like climbing on the 'wrong' philosophical views to more correct and, ultimately, to the "only true" - those that are set forth in the textbook entitled "Fundamentals Marxist-Leninist philosophy. " But in fact, the philosophy - not the sum of universal truths, but just the opposite. This is not a ready-made knowledge, and limiting a questioning of man to himself and to the world. Something is born in us as an internal effort as intense search.

There can not be a unified philosophy of "all", but there are philosophical worlds and their complex interaction. Each of them is true or correct exactly the extent to which its author can not deploy tense dialogue between its unique "existential situation" (a situation in which man finds his self, his unique "I") and the world.

About how the dialogue develops, evolves, and wrote his book Karl Jaspers. He thinks about how and why we're trying to find yourself, the being - that is, one for whom life is not a fake replica predugotovlennyh someone circuits and detection process of his "I", a force for freedom. The true philosophizing - it is always the realization of its ultimate loneliness to the world. Genesis - it's always just my being. Only in this case I'm building my real life, rather than a certain amount of simulacra, imitations, which is indistinguishable from the other. In this difficult experience in the determination of the boundaries and possibilities of the world of his "I" is the essence of what could be called "philosophical orientation in the world." And only to the extent that a person has the experience (always nezaemny always own!), He is able to enter into dialogue with other philosophical worlds - in particular, those which tell the history books of philosophy ...

Book Jaspers - is a certain degree of justification philosophy that from a pragmatic point of view, completely ineffectual. He explains how all occurs in a person's need to philosophize, what is its nature and what consequences this need is for society. And this book will be of interest to all who are interested in how to make a "fine muscles" of culture - its philosophical "muscles" that allows this culture to be truly alive, mobile and productive.