Great person

Great person

Writing desk in the office of Grigory Pomerants stood at the window. So that, sitting down to work, Gregory Solomonovich could see the forest.

The Cabinet, however, - this is an exaggeration. Yes, and the forest too. Small room, even call that "modest" would have meant much to flatter her. And Southwestern park, part of the recreation area "Troparevo" on all sides of the urging vigorous new buildings. But Pomeranz this was the forest. Not in terms of biodiversity, huge or high denseness. Wood within the meaning of the phenomena of nature, the living part of the living world, the perfection of which it is impossible not to admire. Gregory Solomonovich told how happy - just every day looking out of the window (in recent years, he was very sick and go for a walk almost could not) on the lush green in summer and interweaving black trunks and branches on the snow-white winter. And listening to him, even the most hardened urbanist, probably not for a moment be doubted that this is true happiness.

Alexander Archangel, one of the first commending death Pomeranz, wrote in his "Live Journal" right words. The fact that Gregory Solomonovicha difficult to relate with some clear categories. Philosopher, cultural scientist, theologian? All the time a bit by. The writer, a writer? Again, not that. Dissident? Again, no. But then who he was and why his departure proved to be a personal loss for all (I'm sure), who has ever seen or heard Pomeranz, who read at least a few of its pages?

I think I know the answer. We usually talk about great people, referring to them generals, scientists or artists. And not thinking that, in fact, this is not true. Because the great commander could win a thousand battles, a great scholar - to open a thousand laws of nature, and a great entertainer - play a thousand prominent roles, but it says little about what they were men. So, Grigory Pomerants was just a great man - in the original and the exact meaning of these words. I have very little was know him, but for some reason I think that I'm not mistaken. Grigory Pomerantz, as a person - and will remain as long as we remember him - a lot more likely it is written: and philosophical works, and books about religion, and debate with Solzhenitsyn, and even excellent "Memoirs of an ugly duckling." His main work was his own life. Not romantic and Byronic zhiznetvorchestvo and just life worthy of human dignity. In this life we ​​had great courage and great love. There was a war, and were Stalin's camps. It was a pain, and had faith. It was what the best Solomonovich Gregory himself said: "I have done only two or three steps deep. This is totally inadequate for our salvation. This is slightly greater than zero. But this is real and not imaginary steps, and they do not lose their sense if change all the words. "

In a conversation with me, talking about the value of human life, Gregory Solomonovich almost naively admired the fact that the most important of them are given to us for nothing. He cited the example of magazine reproductions of great paintings and icons on the walls of his room. And then talking about music: "After the disc that contains music is quite inexpensive, and on the radio you can listen to music just for free!" And he told how he fell in love with classical music. It was in the camp, where Pomeranz after the hard conflicts with the "thieves" and the real threat to life was lucky to get on a warm position quantity surveyor workshops with little freer conditions of detention. Gregory Solomonovich found this camp freedom to better use. The camp stood poles with loudspeakers to broadcast the first hour (and in those days, it seems, only) radio program. Every evening hours loudspeakers spewed from itself does not interrupt symphonies and concertos by Tchaikovsky, Glinka, Mussorgsky. And Pomeranz, wearing boots and jacket, went out every night to 35 degrees below zero and the clock was pacing around the post with a speaker. He listened to great music and feel happy. Of course, this episode came in an interview. And then I came across almost the same story in an interview with Gregory Solomonovicha other publications. I remember I was upset: I was in journalistic hurt that my text was not exclusive, though it was clear that a lot where Pomeranz told about it. Now I am happy. I really want to see a lot of people imagined it to be like that. Standing in boots and a pea coat on a 35-degree frost under a huge starry sky filled with great music. Free and happy.